My name is Lydia. I'm a little bit silent and introverted in real life, but I'm quite straightforward and outspoken when I write. I love creating things, and I feel like I was born to blog. I read lots of books and I get excited about large libraries. I'm a great believer in thinking and over-analyzing. I'm a people observer and I have good people instincts. I love the color yellow. I hate cliches, drama, and soggy pancakes. I like to make people laugh. I listen to Frank Sinatra, and I have super long hair that I can sit on. I'm a child of God, and I believe firmly in unconditional love. I believe in it in two different ways --- I believe that God shows us unconditional love, and I believe that we should show others unconditional love.
      I have three younger brothers. Sam is sixteen months younger than me, and we do a lot together. We tend to insult and tease each other, but it's usually friendly. Ben and I are very alike, so we butt heads a lot. Jason is the youngest and the cutest. My brothers and I are/were home-schooled. Sam and I both graduated from high-school early, and we now attend classes at a community college. We (Sam and I) have two German Shepherds. Piper belongs to me (or perhaps the other way around), and she is bossy, sensitive, and gorgeous. Pookie belongs to Sam and she is a cute, quirky little booger. Ben and Jason both have cats (as well as numerous turtle-like pets). Ben's cat is named Taffy and she is petite and demanding. Jason's cat is named Pickles, and he is fat and introverted. My parents are very interesting and talented people. They've taught us to read, think, and create. We do a lot of things that are outside of the box.