Warbird Salute

     We spent a couple hours at the airport this afternoon. They're having a Warbird Salute to Veterans, so there were a bunch of World War II airplanes that had flown in. My Dad (who works there) and my brother Sam were volunteering, and the rest of us came to see the planes.
     It was very hot, even though there was a nice breeze. But the boys liked the airplanes and I liked the music, and it was a fun event to be a part of. Seeing and hearing small parts of history is the best way to learn and remember, I think.

GI Jive by Johnny Mercer on Grooveshark 
     We saw the DC-3 take off and it looked incredible against the clouds. Oddly enough, I've never flown in an airliner, just in small Cessnas. And it's been a while since I've done that. I'm excited for the time when my dad will be able to have his own airplane again.

     We've had a rough last year, what with moving and living in a too-small, temporary house. Dad's been working on a masters degree, so he's had no time to spare and it's been hard on everyone. In a few months though, we'll be settled into a new home and Dad will be through with school. We're a very project oriented family, so we're about to burst with all the things we want to do with all that time and space. Can't wait. <3


  1. Cool :) I've always liked old planes
    Btw, did you change your blog design?

    1. I removed the header image because I was growing less fond of it, lol. I'll probably replace it later on when inspiration strikes.

    2. Dang, I really liked it... But I must say, both this and the book chewers have such lovely graphic design! Both are very polished and professional looking.