Literary Dinner Party

    Hello, wonderful people! Thanks for hanging around. I didn't intend to bother you with more posts related to my book blog. Buuut, I've been reading all these wonderful posts from our linkup this week, and I had to try my hand at hosting a literary dinner party. So here you have it.

1. What are we eating?
Cucumber sandwiches and buttered muffins, from The Importance of Being Earnest.

2. Who's cooking?
Minny and Celia, from The Help. I've informed them that, considering the circumstances, we'd all prefer caramel cake over chocolate pie.

3. Who's funding this dinner party?
Mr. Bingley, from Pride and Prejudice. (Thanks to Lydia Bennet's persuasive powers.)

4. Invite a villain. (Be careful.)
The Dread Pirate Roberts, from The Princess Bride. He's quite clever and (fortunately) not very cruel after all. I think he would make an excellent conversationalist and dinner companion. 

5. Who's likely to make a scene if the food is late?
Reepicheep, from Prince Caspian. He's slightly offended and entirely on edge because he believes that several of the other guests have deliberately snubbed him. (In reality, they simply overlooked him due to his lack of stature.) He's only staying for the food, and he's likely to explode over the lack of it.

6. Party feels a bit tense. Who's the comedic relief?
Mr. Gilbreth, from Cheaper by the Dozen. He likes nothing better than a good show (particularly one put on by himself) and a dinner party suits his outrageous personality immensely. 

7. Someone's monopolising the conversation. Who's the hero at this dinner party?
Inigo Montoya. He's telling about his revenge on the six-fingered man and the guests are hanging on his every word. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die."  *Cue gasps*

8. Who wishes they weren't there?
Winnie-the-Pooh. Cucumber sandwiches and caramel cake have their place, but Pooh is craving honey. He's got a brand new pot at home and he can't focus on anything else.

9. Who's the couple more interested in each other's gorgeous eyes then the food?

Valancy and Barney from The Blue Castle. Don't bother asking them to pass the sandwiches. They're much too absorbed to be any use.

10. Aw, someone's pet is eating food off the guests' plates. What's the creature and who's the owner?
Tricki Woo the overfed Pekingese, and his lovable but annoyingly indulgent owner, Mrs. Pumphrey, from All Creatures Great and Small. Mrs. Pumphrey knows Tricky Woo is under strict orders from Uncle James, and she knows he's liable to go crackerdog or flop-bott if he doesn't stop eating. But, oh dear . . . how she hates to disappoint the darling.


  1. This. is. epic. Who is the brilliance behind this link up? WHO? They should be paid.

  2. Ah, I was sorely tempted to invite the Dread Pirate Roberts of Vinzini. Only, I was worried about iocane powder getting slipped into the food. Some great choices of characters, there. :)

  3. Caramel cake would be very lovely, indeed! :) And I heard Mr. Darcy will support Mr. Bingley's funding.

  4. I love your answers! I had Inigo as my person who monopolizes the conversation, too!

    My party!