Thinking About New

      I only posted here three times last month. But I didn't actually take a break from blogging. I started a group blog about books called The Book Chewers. So really, I just spent some time away from this space. And when I did, a couple of things became more obvious and concrete.

1. There's something about limiting yourself and working within boundaries that is very freeing. If you search the internet for blogging advice, you'll find myriads of people who will tell you to stick to one topic. Pick food, books, lifestyle, or crafts. Don't mix them, just do one. I've always spurned that advice, as have most of my blogging friends. And I still don't think it's a rule that must be followed. But it's a valid point that should be considered. The funny thing is, it can be less of a burden to work within a topic than it is to do it all.

2. I'm outgrowing this space. I have different ideas and goals. I know what I want out of blogging and I didn't know when I first started blogging. The name, the design, the previous posts . . . they're still me, and they definitely were me. But I'm constantly evolving, and I might have evolved beyond this blog.

3. I'm ready for a fresh space. Starting something new that is thrilling. Re-organizing your work space inspires.

4. It's time for me to leave blogspot. Blogspot makes it easy to blog and form connections, which is great if you just want to blog and have fun doing it. But blogspot has been hard for me to deal with lately, and I'm ready for a new platform. I'm ready for something more professional that will allow me to connect with a wider range of writers, bloggers, and artists.

5. Collaborating is fun. Book blogging with Cait and Mime has been a fantastic experience. I love brainstorming and discussing. I love to hear what people think. I love combining our strengths and experiences. And I like what comes out of that. 

     I'm actually not going to leave. I'll stay a little longer. I don't know how much longer, but I'll be here. And I'll be showing up more regularly, starting today. (Which is my first real day of summer. Eeeeee!)
     Here's the thing though. I'm done with blogspot, but I don't have the resources to move on to the next thing. A free wordpress blog isn't going to cut it, so I might as well stay here until I can move on. Make sense? I'll be collecting ideas for a new blog, but I won't leave you just yet. I'll try to squash my desire for a new space with a new design.
     Oh . . . and one last thing. This is the internet, so you can follow me wherever I go. Creepy? Reassuring? Yeah, maybe.


  1. Hahahaha! I love the last encouraging note. It will be neat to see what you come up with!! And I enjoy The Book Chewers a whole lot!! :D

  2. The internet is creepy, reassuring and so much more:P
    Figure it all out! I'll pray for ya girl:)

  3. thank you for the updates! hope you figure things out, and The Book Chewers is really cool :)

  4. You're leaving? *sniff, sniff* I REALLY love this blog. I know niche-blogging is easier (it's weird how much easier it is) but it's also refreshing reading blogs where they DO dabble in various things. Notebook Sisters is mainly reading and writing...but we slip in a bit of random life there too. It's fun.

    But where you go, we will follow! (Gah. That does sound incredibly creepy.) I LOVE BOOK CHEWERS! We need a shirt! "I am a Book Chewer". Yes we do.

  5. We'll miss this blog! :) It's always been so fun. The first blog I followed. Sniff. But book chewing is great. Lots of fun!


  7. I definitely know what you mean about wanting to move onto a different platform. I think I'll have to wait once I'm more invested into my blogging since I'm relatively new at it. I'm also about to go off to college this fall, so I'm not sure how I'll cope. Blogging and cooking/baking separation anxiety.

    Anyways, I enjoyed reading the post!