This morning I turned in my final assignment for the semester. School is over. Summer is here.

What next?

Go through my closet, straighten the shelves, thin my wardrobe
Empty my camera card
Clear all the school-related clutter off of my desktop
Organize my Pinterest boards
Clean my room, sweep the floors, organize and clear my creative space

Make a list of projects I want to complete
Set some goals for the summer
Think out where my blog is headed and what it needs next
Look through my to-read list and prioritize

How are you going to start your summer? 


  1. I'm doing similar organizing tasks since the move is finally over with. I actually got to spend a lot of time in my room today but it still need SO MUCH WORK! Thankfully I love to organize, haha!

    I'm also going to read a lot more this summer than I have lately. I've had no time and it makes me sad to see all the un-read books on my shelves... but happy to cause I have a good set of books to read ahead of me :)

  2. I'm going to start my winter (sorry, party dampener I am) by wishing it WAS summer. And catching up my reading. And NOT writing. And wearing cool shoes. It's going to be awesome.

  3. My summer starts in two days, and pretty much, my list is your list. haha Reading, traveling, and organizing. Can't wait for summer.