The Book Chewers

Remember the project I mentioned? The one involving Cait and Mime? Well, THE BIG DAY IS HERE!

If you're Facebook friends with one (or all) of us, you may have discovered our secret when we started spreading this page throughout our news feeds. You also might have seen the button for The Book Chewers in my sidebar. But you might not have, and that's okay because surprises are good. Right?

I was kind of downplaying things when I talked about a "project." It's more than a project. It's an entire BLOG. Exciting, right? Now don't worry! I'll still be blogging here. I'm not deserting you. I'm expanding. The Book Chewers is (obviously) a book blog. It's not a typical book blog either (because we refuse to do things the usual way). It's going to be absolutely fun and brilliant. How could it not be, considering the fact that we are absolutely fun and brilliant ourselves? ;-) My friend Sarah is also joining us, so you'll get to meet her! In fact, you can read a little bit about all of us on this page.

Today is our launch date and we just published our very first post! I would love to see all of you there! You can also follow/like us on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates. Cait runs our Facebook page and I run our Twitter page.

Have I got you curious? COME VISIT US. www.thebookchewers.com


  1. This is so exciting! I can't wait to go check it out... in fact, I think I'm going to do that right now.

  2. I just followed the blog. It's so cool! c:

  3. It will be awesome and delicious, just sayin'. COME AND SEE!!!!

  4. Well said! I like that quote...it is very true!