Pass the Parcel

Books have been on the brain lately, particularly with the launch of The Book Chewers. The theme continues today, because my co-book-chewers, the Notebook Sisters are having a blog party! Today they're doing a game tag called "Pass the Parcel" You should totally participate. I hear that there are prizes involved.

1. Name your top 5 favorite YA authors
J.K. Rowling
Madeleine L'Engle
Cornelia Funke
Cynthia Voigt
Jerry Spinelli

2. What's the last YA book you read and what did you think about it? 
Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. It's about a prostitute's daughter who works in a bookstore and wants to leave New Orleans and go to college. It's well-written with good characters and a unique concept, but it wasn't really a favorite.

3. What's your favorite YA genre? 
Oh goodness! Hard to say, but it might be historical fiction. (Code Name Verity, The Book Thief, Between Shades of Grey, and Jerry Spinelli's Milkweed) But I'm not sure on that. Genres have never been my strong point. I read a little from each.

4. Let's talk characters! Pick a character you love and tell us why.
Queenie from Code Name Verity. She has spunk. She's a masterful storyteller, liar, and truth-teller. She has natural flair, coupled with an outrageous sense of humor. On the surface she's careless, outgoing, and unpredictable. Underneath, she's strong, brave, honest, and loyal.

5. Top YA villain?
The Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride!

6. Top YA couple? 
Ron and Hermione, perhaps. Also Stargirl and Leo.

7. With dystopian on the decline, what do you think will be the next hot trend in YA?
Maybe the John Green wannabes will take over? I don't know. Personally I'm rooting for Mystery or Historical Fiction. Or anything humorous. Please no more Paranormal Romance. That's just annoying.

8. What's the next YA on your to-be-read pile? 
Well, I just requested The Boy Who Dared from the library, and I'm intending to read Heist Society some time soon. I'm also frantically looking forward to Rose Under Fire, which is supposed to be a companion book to Code Name Verity.

9. What's the fastest time you've ever finished reading a book in? (And what was the book?!)
Impossible. Can't answer this. I've been speeding through books for most of my life.

10. (And now for the burning question) Do you think books should be sorted according to color or title. (This matters.)
It does matter! I've pondered this question often. Personally, my bookcase is sorted according to author because I like to find exactly what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it. But I'm always tempted to sort them by color, and I probably shall next time I rearrange or move rooms.


  1. Ah, you're predictable! ;) (Just teasing.) Ooooh. Code Name Verity. I'm convincing my library they need a copy (they have the audio book, but if my hands get bored who knows what'll happen).

    Speeding is the word. I'm looking at your reading-challenge-meter and wincing. I'm 6 books behind. Apparently I don't read as much as I thought I did.

  2. Amen to the "anything humerous" part. I love a book that makes me laugh. And the Dread Pirates Roberts? Very good. Though I would have said Humperdink, because of his epic name.

  3. Your answer to "Fastest Time Reading A Book" is the exact thing I was thinking I would say:) And books should be assorted according to color if I am completely done with them and only wish for decoration. Other than that, I agree with sorting by author:P

  4. Here here! Let's put an end to this paranormal nonsense! (Really? Angels, vampire, and werewolves falling in love with humans)? Way too many Twilight wannabes are taking over the library.

    I read, "The Fault In Our Stars" and really liked it. What are your favorite books by John Green? I think I'd like to read more by him.

    I submitted to be part of "The Book Chewers" team of bloggers! :D Fingers crossed!

    1. I've actually only read "The Fault In Our Stars" He just seems to be pretty popular right now, so I figure there will be some wannabes.

  5. But the Dread Pirate Roberts isn't a villain!

    Between Shades of Grey is on my to-read list. Nice to find someone who's read it!

    I sort by books alphabetically by author, then alphabetically by title or chronologically by series number, as the case may be. It's entirely possible I should have been a librarian.