Things I Am Not

I am not a germ freak. I forget to wash my hands at the appropriate times. Public restrooms don't faze me (although there are definitely exceptions) and I would totally eat a skittle that's been under a couch cushion for three months. Especially a green one.

I am not gushy. I know how to say "Ooh, that's lovely!" or "That's awesome, I love it!" But when everyone starts in with the "AWWWW. <333333 LOVELOVELOVE" I start looking for a place to hide. Gushiness is awkward for me. Might be the fact that I was born into a male-dominated family . . . three brothers, eight uncles, no sisters or girl cousins . . . yep, that could do it. 

I am not self-disciplined. I don't finish projects. I procrastinate. I take "little" breaks when I should be hard at work. I'm not very stern with myself. It's something I have to work on. And I have to work on working on it. And work on working on working . . . you get the idea. It's a little depressing.

I am not insecure. I don't usually believe that I'm beautiful and amazing, but I don't usually believe that I'm not beautiful and amazing either. Does that make any sense at all? I have quite a lot of insecure moments, but they don't last long. Deep down, I'm pretty well grounded in knowing who I am and being okay with who I am. That's something I like about myself.

I am not a fangirl. I feel weird about confessing this, because I'm such a minority. I have my favorite movies and shows but I don't really give a crap about celebrities. Fandoms bewilder me and so do celebrity crushes. In short, I fail miserably at being a teenaged girl.

I am not a highschooler. This also leaves me in a tiny minority (for my age group, of course). I graduated several years early and I'm in college now. It's just . . . extremely awkward in real life. I dread the question "What grade are you in?"

I am not someone who sees life in black-and-white. I see life in bright colors. Dogmatism makes me furious. I like questions better than definite statements. My brain is quick to think, "Yes, but what if . . .?"

I am not good at taking beautiful self-portraits. Just stating the obvious. 

Okay. Your turn. What are you not?


  1. I'm not much of a fangirl either. Fandoms scare me. We are the minority!! :D

    I am not thick-skinned. I'm that person who annoys everybody by being sensitive and taking things personally. I also cry a lot. If I could change that, I would.

    1. Non-fangirls unite!!! I cry quite easily and crying is horrid. It makes your eyeballs feel crappy. Not good for self-esteem either.

    2. I used to be so stoic, but when I turned fourteen, I just started crying about everything. Even really stupid things that people shouldn't cry about.

      Also. I'm not into being rebellious. Standing up for significant things is important, obviously, but sometimes, rebellion and rioting seem pointless to me.

    3. I JUST did a post about not being a fangirl at My Unicorn Has Wings! And I seriously said about the same thing...about me being the only person I know who is not! That is so awesome!
      I also am not afraid of germs, insecure, or see the world in black and white. I hate classifying anything.... Mostly because I think it ruins opportunity. When something has been labeled something specifically, it almost has no chance to change...

    4. That last part of your comment . . . very true, very true. Labels are no good.

      On a sort of similar note, my mom gets annoyed with me sometimes because I use vague words. I like to leave my options open, so sometimes it's hard to pin me down and make me say something definite.

  2. Haha I love these! I think I fail at being a teenager my self. What I dread in college is when people ask my age and I say "16" they react in two ways. Impressed or repelled as if replaying all the words they previously said hoping it wasn't 18 plus.
    I am also not a fangirl. Nothing like that has every capture so much of my attention to the extremes. Even if I like a singer or celebrity, I've never gone crazy over them.

    I am not out going. It's hard for me to go up to people I know a little bit and start a conversation with them. If they come up to me, I can be personable and talkative, just going up to them is the hardest!

    Lastly, (since I am making this comment too long) I am not a person who can sit very long. Reading or writing, yes I can do that, but other wise I am always wanting to do something or go somewhere!

    1. Yes! Yes. We have the exact same problem. It's embarrassing when someone starts treating you as though you have godlike intelligence. EYE ROLL. And then there's the people who treat you like an infant. Once a woman told me I was soo soo cute and she just wanted to pinch my cheeks because I was so adorable for being a super smart miniature college student. Ugh!

      Glad to know you, Pepper. You make me feel a teeny tiny bit less unusual ;)

  3. I am not a sports player. I lack any motivation at all to spend multiple afternoons and weekends going to games.

    I am not a morning person. I do not like waking up and having to get right up out of bed. If I have to get right up you might not want to talk to me for about an hour.

    I am not outgoing. You pretty much have to force me to talk to you if I don't know you. At least when it's face to face. If it's through a text or online I'm fine. But not over the phone or face to face. I keep quite and only speak to you when you speak to me. And I have found very few people who were exceptions to this rule. I also get very red faced when forced to talk to people I don't know.

    I am not a people pleaser. I will say exactly what I think no matter what you want to hear. I might say it a bit nicer than the version that's going through my head, but I'll still say basically the same thing.

    1. No sports for me either!
      I think I appear to be a people pleaser, but I'm actually not. Just diplomatic ;)

  4. I'm not a germ freak either. If I drop a sultana/raisin on the floor...I'll totally eat it. I'm in love with sultanas. Seriously now.

    I'm not a sit-still-for-hours-and-do-this person. Church kills me. Watching a long movie kills me. Reading for hours murders me. The only thing I can do without getting up to wander around every ten minutes is...write. ;) Weird and weirder.

    PS I definitely do NOT understand your last one though. NOT good at taking self portraits? Pfft...got to be joking...

    1. Concern about dropped food is wasteful. Why would you let the floor have your food? I've never liked raisins though, so I would probably let the floor have one ;)

      Cait! Are you . . . HYPERACTIVE? Dear me. I think so.

    2. Me? NO. Nooo way. Where did you get that idea?

  5. I am not a punctual blog commenter. (obviously.)
    I haven't commented in forever it feels like.
    I love the selfie up top! & You totally take good ones.
    I AM SO NOT A FANGIRL EITHER. I could never get that. Fangirlism is just soo...weird. I don't know. xD
    Great postttt!

  6. This was a seriously fun post! =D
    I...also am not a germ freak. (A GREEN skittle? Seriously, who could waste one of those!)
    I am not particularly musy or otherwise, but your description perfectly fits a friend of mine. ;)
    Sadly, I'm not very self disiplined either...rather easily distracted, heh heh. *cough*
    Yes! It does make sense; I've often tried to explain that clearly, it almost sounds like an oxymoron! "I'm not real pretty, but I'm real pretty."
    "Whaaa?" 0.o
    Funny how that works... =D
    Fangirl? Ya, not me either. (A few more of us and we'll be a major minority!)
    I need to look up the definition of Dogmatism, but I think I'm with ya there as well.
    I'm not a rule follower; Spirit of the law? Yes. Exact letter? No.
    I'm not a night owl.
    Aaaand, I am not an early graduate. Not late either, just On Time. ;)