And They Flew

     This is the week before spring break. I've finished all three of my midterms. I just have to write a speech. Boo. It's going to be about banned books, and it will be fun. But my enthusiasm waned slightly when I was told that I had to follow a specific type of outline. Phooey. I feel quite capable of making my own outline. Also, we have to cite sources. Five of them. In seven minutes. Ewww. 
     The . . . ahem . . . photograph of sorts that you see above is my midterm for Computer Art. It's a cross between Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and my own imagination. I wish that all four of us could really fly away and have an adventure over spring break. We would make good book characters, I think. After all, there are four of us. Four seems to be the perfect number of siblings for an adventure. Think Pevensies. 

     Drawing class has been a bit depressing. I've never drawn before, so I'm not good at it. Do you know how hard it is to not be good at something you ought to be good at? It leaves me feeling very un-artistic. Which is a huge bummer, because I generally think of myself as a creative/artistic person. I'm glad to be in Computer Art and Web Page Design, because I am good at those classes and it helps me prop my ego up again. I always view things that boost my ego as good things. I don't think it's because I'm prideful or sensitive. I just had a very small, crushable ego during my childhood and early teens, so I've tried to be very nice to it as I grow older. I think that being nice to yourself is an excellent practice, as long as you don't take it too far.
     Tomorrow is Ben's eleventh birthday, and I am going to make him a fabulous chocolate layer cake. Perhaps I shall blog a little during spring break, and perhaps I won't. I just thought that I would pop in and ramble a bit about school and classes.
     All you lovely people have a nice Friday, okay? 

P.S. That moment when your post publishes long before you're done . . . can anyone identify?


  1. love that photo, Lydia. Very creative and fun.

  2. Sources! Ug! It's like the system doesn't trust you. Give me some credit for looking further than Wikepedia! (Which isn't usually true... I love Wikepedia.)

    I haven't had a post go before it was done, but emails! All the time. There's some key I accidentally press, and I'm shooting half-baked emails all over the world. Technology. Humbug.

    1. Are you actually implying, mime, that your emails are EVER fully-baked? Just wondering.

      Anyway. Lydia! Awesome photo! You lucky thing...to have the perfect family size for adventures (I'm thinking The Railway Children too.) Besides having a really spread out family, you don't send 6 kids on adventures. 5 Children and It? Yes. 7 Little Australians? Yes. But SIX?!! No. Have fun flying away!

      PS Oo! A speech on banned books? This could come in handy... ;)

    2. Ooo, six is hard, Cait! So it two! It's just me and my brother and I can't think of any adventure stories with just two siblings. Much less a brother and a sister. Unless I have yet to hear about them. Maybe we should just write our own

  3. Like I said before, I seriously thought the quote was from Peter Pan!:) I absolutely love it, Lydia:) And yes, you and the boys would make perfect book characters:) I already have ideas formulating in my over active imagination:) But, of course, you have full rights, seeing as it's you and your brothers;P Tell Ben that me and Peyton said happy birthday!:) And to eat as much cake as he can;P

  4. Whoa! You made that picture?!
    I'm impressed! 0.o I've done a (tiny) little bit with photoshop, but never got that far.
    Yes! Four is pretty much the perfect number. Especially for adventures!


  5. These photo makes one want to stay forever young. Cute, very cute photo. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  6. Ugh, I hate speeches, good luck with it! Happy birthday to Ben! I love that you guys are like the Pevensies.:) Have a happy break!