School Essentials

Purse // Small notebook, favorite pens, wallet, cellphone, chapstick
Backpack // Art portfolio, box of art supplies, and a book (just in case)

     I like to keep the things in my bags minimal and lightweight. I don't like hauling a heavy backpack around all morning, and I don't like digging through a big purse. Looking at this picture though . . . it's a little ridiculous. This semester I've managed to get by with a very small backpack. It's perfect, because it has these handy pockets on the front, and a drawstring top and it's . . . well, small. I only have two classes on campus (the other two are internet classes) and I don't actually need the textbooks for either class. Textbooks are heavy. So I leave them at home. Next semester, I'll probably have to say goodbye to my tiny backpack. *sniff*

      My purse is also small. I bought it at a thrift store for three dollars. It's leather with a crossbody strap, and it's the best bag I've ever had. Plenty of room for my cellphone, wallet and huge, hideous driving permit. Have I told you how terrible Illinois's driving permits are? Mine is printed on an entire sheet of computer paper . . . 11 x 8 1/2, and I have to fold it up and keep it in a giant plastic bag. Ugh. It takes up the entire front pocket of my purse. (I'm not bitter or anything.)
     I also keep my favorite pens in my purse, so they don't get lost in the bottom of my backpack. I'm very specific about which pens I like. I also have a little notebook, and it's also a specific brand. I have the same journal in a larger size . . . more than one actually. They're that great. I have the little one too, because I bought one for Jana's birthday, and then became jealous ;)

     Of course, not everything I take to school is in this photo. My lunch is the biggest thing missing. I have a square lunch bag that I put inside the backpack, and it takes up quite a lot of room. I usually bring a salad and/or cold chicken. And then I have lots of extras like strawberries or almonds or cheetos. I used to have a water bottle, but it leaked on the second week and soaked my entire backpack and its contents. Goodbye water bottle.
     Also not pictured is a small stash of granola bars, which I consume during drawing class. (A three hour class is too long for my poor little stomach.) Then, of course, there are random papers and homework assignments crammed into my backpack as well.

     I guess my wardrobe is simple too. I always wear jeans with a long-sleeved tee or favorite sweater. And then I've got my boots. That's them in the photo. I wear them everywhere. They have buckles and zippers and laces and they're the best. Yep. Then I have a blue plaid coat, which I also wear everywhere. Finish it off with a great pair of earrings, and that's my usual uniform.

P.S. My dear friend/former neighbor, Jordan, just started a blog! Visit her here.


  1. Nice, I wish I could keep it that light and simple.:)What classes are you taking?

    1. I'm taking Drawing I and Speech on campus. Web Page Design and Computer Art I on the internet. =)

  2. This semester won't let me go light on my backpack. I have to carry around a huge tripod and my camera half the time. Each semester is it's own.
    (I love those shoes) This was barely mentioned in your post, but I have to have specific pens as well, which my family says I'm crazy, but they make all the difference in what you do if you have a pen you enjoy. :)

  3. This is awesome, I am able to keep my load super light this year, and my books fit inside my tote/bag that I'm currently using, so its pretty convenient.
    I adore the little book you got me. :)

  4. The book for "just in case" is very wise. As with the granola bars. I approve! (Nothing like starving when you're supposed to be working...I usually have a small pile of sultanas/raisins handy. Mime says I'm addicted, but of course that's not true.)

    Woah to your license! Mine fits in the palm of my hand. ;) (Nah..nah...)

    1. I never need a book until I forget to bring one.

      So unfair! Everyone else has nice, compact, laminated licenses. Illinois is so cruel to me!

  5. A book and my favourite pens are absolutely essential to my every excursion, ditto a notebook. Because, without fail, any time I need to write something down I'll have forgotten that notebook. Also, those shoes. I died. They ... they are so beautiful ... *sobs*

    And I love your little satchel too! And the "purse" as you Americans call it. Here in the UK we just call it a shoulder bag ... A purse for us would be the "wallet", though it wouldn't because that wallet is actually a wallet. A purse is smaller, usually with a clasp.

    I have a tendency to ramble. (:

  6. I hate having big purses cause things get lost, but I always buy big purses cause I have a lot I want with me, just in case. Haha. I should work on that.

    I love your boots! I have similar ones and I love 'em :D

  7. I wish my school bag was as simple as that, but there's just too much to take home everyday. D-: I've always wanted a bag with a lot of pockets. Oh, and I love the boots.