My Natural Habitat

     I've been busy creating messes. Yesterday I bought myself some new acrylic paints and I've been working on a project for art class. The day before that I was cutting big letters out of black paper. Today I was sitting at my table, fiddling around with toothpicks and glue and paint, and I looked around myself and thought . . . Wow, I'm in my natural habitat again! . . . . Scraps of paper everywhere, art supply boxes spilling all over the place, puddles of glue and paint on random scraps of paper, plasti-tac stuck to odd surfaces . . . . I haven't made a mess like this since last summer, and it feels good.
     Moving takes longer than you think it will. Settling down can take months and months. This move has been especially hard, since we're only living in transitional housing. But you know, it all works itself out. Things eventually right themselves. They really do.

Want to see what I've been working on?
1) Mary Oliver quote. I meant to put this above my table, off to one side, but I made the letters too large. They were almost too big to fit on the back of my door, but I managed. I found the big, black letters a little startling at first, but they grew on me.

2) Blackout poetry. I bought a beat-up, torn-up book at the library sale, because I need book pages for crafts and I wanted to try blackout poetry. Blackout poetry is fun, I like it. It's so strange and wonderful to rearrange an author's words and turn them into something else. The drawback? It gives you a serious sharpie headache.

3) Paint chip/typewriter quotes. I've always been slightly amused by the paint chip fad. These days you can make anything out of paint chips and everyone will love it. Why? I don't get it. Buuut . . . I have to admit that it was very satisfying to pound out quotes onto colorful scraps of paper. Extremely satisfying. As far as paint chips go? Sometimes they're awesome and sometimes they're paint chips.

4) Matchbox craft drawer. Our drawing teacher told us to make something out of a matchbox. He gave us a couple of examples, and he said we could do anything we wanted with it and fill it with anything we wanted. So I made a miniature drawer. I think I have to draw it tomorrow.

What's your latest project? If you put a giant quote on your wall (or door) what would it be? 


  1. Quote on the back of my door? Okay, I admit, the first thing that popped into my head was: "Fish are friends! Not food!" But that's not very inspiring. I kind of like Mark Twain's ones about censorship. Just 'cause.

    I love your natural habitat. I would probably go nuts, though, because I like things in semi-ordered-and-arranged-chaos when I'm creating. But now I want to try black-out poetry!!

  2. The quote on the door is AMAZING! I so am going to do that now! Not that quote, mind, but *a* quote. I love quotes. {If you hadn't yet noticed, lol!}
    I love how crafty all my friends are! It's so neat seeing all the stuff you do. And I am super interested in black-out poetry now too! That is so cool. Not that I think I could EVER bring myself to ink in a whole page of words... But you never know. ;)
    And I loved the Inkheart quote. Never read it or seen it, but it is a good quote! :D

  3. I need a typewriter now! A while back I went to Lowes and Walmart and came home with at least fifty paint chips thinking I would do something with them. They are currently sitting in a drawer organized in zip-lock bags by color:) (You know how OCD I am about some things:P) And I also have a collection of about a hundred quotes and song lyrics that I hand wrote onto little notepad paper in cute marker colors:) (obviously I had wayy too much free time on my hands) :P But I like the paint chips more:)

  4. This is awesome! I love all those projects, especially the Funke quote ;)
    I've only been sewing lately, this week I hope to do some drawing though.

  5. I'm beginning to believe things WON'T straighten themselves out and I'll never be back in my natural habitat again, so this is encouraging :) Ugh I just can't wait!!!!!

    I love your space, it's too cool.

  6. I really like this post!
    Your 'natural habitat' is nice and familar, though at the moment, I'm afraid mine has mostly school on it... =/
    That quote on the door... I usually pay attention, and am astonished, but I rarely tell people about it! Hmmm...! =D
    Gives me ideas. =)


  7. If I gave you some quotes, would you type them up on paint chips and send them to me??

  8. I love the lettering on the back of the door. Did you do that by hand?

    1. I actually printed an enlarged font from my computer and traced it onto black paper. The letters are made of black paper and are stuck onto the door with plasti-tac. :)

  9. Sweet little habitat. It's your place and I bet you feel most comfortable and at ease in it. I no moving and settling down is a bit of a process, but you will get through it. Good luck with your future projects!

  10. What a great project! :-D

  11. I love your natural habitat! The crafts you made were so sweet, I really love the door one. Right now I can't think of a quote I would choose but there would definitely be something I could put up there. :)