Me: February Edition

     Guess who's baaaack!?! Wait . . . who? Hahaha. Good guess, but no. It's just me.
      I haven't been blogging much and I feel a little disconnected, so I thought I would start February with one of those lame "get-to-know-me" posts. Just for a quick re-focus. It will lead to better things, promise.

Who's me? 
I'm Lydia. I wear glasses. I can sit on my hair if I try really hard. I move my eyebrows a lot. I read an astonishing number of books. I'm a graphic design student, and I'm a blogger. I'm quiet . . . sometimes. I'm a bit absent-minded. I like to watch people. I have three brothers and a dog named Piper who is beautiful.

What do I do? 
I write. I read. I go to the library. I make things. I photograph things. I listen to Simon & Garfunkel and Jack Johnson. I make messes. I tell stories. I bake. Sometimes I make people laugh on purpose, and sometimes I do it on accident.

What do I like? 
The color yellow. Thrift shopping. Large libraries. Brand-new notebooks. Happy music. Colorful things. Quirky clothing. Laughter. Over-thinking. Conversations. Unusual people.

What do I dislike?
Cliches. Smelly dishrags. Drama. Soggy pancakes. Greasy pans. Stupid rules.

     If you're a new reader (or you've never commented), now is a perfect time to introduce yourself to me. Leave a comment! As for the rest of you, tell me how much you've missed me and how wonderful I am. It will be a good boost for my ego, which sometimes suffers. ;)
P.S. New and wonderful posts coming soon! 


  1. Yayayayaya!!!!!!! I DID miss you, fo' shizzle. And I am incredibly happy you're back. ^_^

  2. You are awesome. I missed you. (I get brownie points right?!)

    I loved this post! Not lame! And I was fully ready with this massive introduction of me for this comment, but I stuck with telling you your awesome (oh my gosh! I did it twice!) .

  3. I missed you too! Glad to see more posts :)) I think it is SO awesome that you can sit on your hair, hahaha! I cut my hair a little over a year ago and I am dyyyyying for long hair again, urg!

    1. P.S. I tagged ya :) http://agoodthinkingplace.blogspot.com/2013/02/tag.html

  4. Yellow is my very favorite color. Just saying. And I'm really looking forward to more posts!

  5. Hola! Happy to see you again. You are really beautiful, you write fantastic words that reside with me, you are talented in the art department, and I adore your simple and focused blog design, I'm jelly;)

  6. Hey Lydia, I'm really looking forward to seeing your photos!
    It's really nice that you made this post since I'm a bit of a new reader here, hehe :-)

  7. Haha!! This wasn't lame at all! I like it a ton. I like random facts. We are a ton alike. Those things you don't like. Yeah. Me too. Especially cliches and drama. :P Hurrah for great, new posts coming!

  8. I am also a graphic student (well visual communication) but I am much, much, much older than you