Links, No. 1

My in-progress literary bucket list

Vivian Maier, mystery street photographer

Words to use more often

Pride & Prejudice MARVEL comic-book

Shel Silverstein narrates The Giving Tree movie (1973)

On my wishlist: I Capture the Castle tote bag

1940: Giant typewriter at The World's Fair

Neil Armstrong quote

On my wishlist: Vintage Pullman travel poster

Underground New York Public Library  

Disney's lovely Paperman short on Hulu

The perfect shoe

Video at top: Bring Him Home by The Piano Guys


  1. Love these! Very fun to look through.

    Anna x

  2. Clearly that's how you read Pride and Prejudice! As a marvel comic! (Why can't I spell that word... prejudice. There we go.)

    I just wonder how they manage to stick a piano in all those locations. I mean, you wouldn't want it to have rained recently. Can't you just imagine the piano legs and the cello stick sl-ow-ly sinking into the mud? But it's such a pretty piece!

  3. Can I just THANK YOU for sharing that video. It is amazing, probably the best cover I've heard, and I have it on repeat (http://www.listenonrepeat.com/ lets you repeat youtube videos). I've also checked out their channel and they are so so good! Thank you for sharing them with me, this post just made my day :D

    1. You're welcome! The Piano Guys are my favorite =D