Letters, Photos, Memories

     Unpacking and organizing is funny, because you run across thing that you don't normally look at . . . things that you forget about, like my old flower book that I bought at the library sale and carried everywhere. Or like the skirt I sewed with my grandma, or my "you are my sunshine" music-box.
      Last night I went outside and photographed the sunset. Then I went in and listened to Jack Johnson while I sat in my little armchair and sorted through the contents of my file box. I've been cramming papers into that box for years . . . letters, photos, birthday cards, postcards . . .
      The amount of letters I've received in my lifetime is mildly astonishing. I sorted them into stacks and tied them with ribbon. I have three or four letters from each aunt, a few notes from my mom, and a sturdy little bundle from my grandma. (note to self: remember to write letters to your grandchildren) The other bundles are from friends. One is from Emily . . . we've known each other since birth. She's my always friend. One is from Jana . . . hers is a good three inches thick. And the last one is from my old friends Rowena and Sonya and has a Winnie the Pooh valentine stuck in the top. 
my flower book and my favorite photograph
     I've saved almost everything . . . not just letters. Cards that my mom and brothers sent me when I went to camp, and notes from my counselor, Aunt Joy. A wristband from the time that I went to the water-park with Dad for my birthday. A ticket for the miniature train at Wildlife Prairie Park. The birthday cards that my great-grandma sends me every year, without fail. A homemade card from Emily, congratulating me on a new baby brother (Jason). A birthday card that my grandpa printed out from his own photos. A brand-new letter from my brand-new friend, Sarah. A notebook recording a trip we made to California. A hilarious note from an angry little brother . . .
       And then there's my favorite photo of Ethan, Emily, and Sam that I took with my disposable birthday camera. I smile every time I see it. Emily and I must have been six or seven, which means Sam and Ethan were both five-ish. We were so cute, but I doubt we realized it . . . E and E were blonde, and Sam and I were curly-haired. It may be a photo taken by a little kid with a disposable camera, but to me it captures all of the best moments of my childhood.

Letters and photos are worth saving. They really are.


  1. I LOVE this!! I keep all my letters, note cards, drawings from little kids, and most of my b-day cards. ^_^ And then, all the movie stubs, park admission stubs, and anything else of that nature. I even have the bracelet i wore the day i was born. <3 i have yours and Rachel's letters in different boxes..Rachel's letters fill up one ginormous shoe box. :)

  2. Aw, that's a super cute picture! (Curls...eek!) I keep letters too, except when I reread mine I always end up rather embarrassed instead of doing sweet reminiscing. But letters are really special. ;)

    1. Oh, I know what you mean! I keep some of my old journal pages, but I don't re-read them. Too embarrassing!

    2. Oh gosh, I concur! For some reason re-reading my journal entries never fails to embarrass me or cause me to laugh at myself.
      But I keep them anyway ;)

      ---->> Kate

  3. Yes, they are!! I loved this post. I wish more people would write to me. Haha! I've tried establishing letter-writing with some of my friends but they are lazy about it. I need more literary friends, I think :/

    Anyway, this was definitely inspiring. I can't wait to go through my papers when we are settled in, haha.

  4. I love saving letters too! I've had to pitch some over the years because I also hate clutter, so I selectively weed out once a year before new Christmas cards start arriving...but the important ones stay. Have every note and card that Bob ever wrote to me--even the goofy ones from when we were first dating :) I remember your and Sam's curls...they were so cute. Love you!

  5. That's amazing! Those stacks of letters and memories. Makes me wish I had saved ALL of mine through the years.

    This is beautiful. I LOVE IT ALL!

    ---->> Kate

    p.s I adore your pictures :)

  6. Ahh yes, saving letters is definitly worth it. Definitly.
    I've got some from aunts too! Though my sister was probably better about writing consistently. ;)
    It's fun to see how your friends writing style/handwriting changes over the years, like my little friend who started writing when she was 8 and is now 11. My pen pals, *sigh* they never write though...tsk tsk.


  7. Just looking at this is so inspiring! I love all the creativity in your blog! I agree, photos and letters are the best memories. :)