Happy Things, No. 1

Beautiful old paperbacks from the thrift store
Lunches with Sarah at school
Cold grapefruit for breakfast
Curling up in my chair to read my Bible, this book, and this book
Listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on radio podcast with Ben and Jason in the evening
Singing "Yellow Submarine" and "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning"
Thick, textured sweaters
Messy stacks of books, scattered throughout my room
The map of Paris in the left bottom corner of my wall collage
My glass jar of colored pencils
Making Sam laugh late at night when everyone else is in bed


  1. Sounds lovely :) These are the kinds of things that make my heart smile.

  2. Oh...the map of Paris. For some insane reason, I've been thinking all about France this week (not just bonbons and croissants...writing apparently blossoms in France).

  3. absolutely love all these! sounds like a wonderful and productive (happy) week for you x


  4. I love all those, I think I have that copy of The Great Gatsby.
    One of my favorite paper backs is Great Expectations, the art work is very minimalist, and its got a coffee stain that gives it all the more character ;)

  5. Love these. I can't wait to be settled down again so I can have my books out :( I miss them. And reading has been so sluggish between packing and moving, urgh.

    The Beatles <3

  6. I read the study in scarlet. It was SO good! :)

  7. Oh I so badly need to find "A Study in Scarlet!" I love Sherlock so much:)

  8. Yumm grapefruit. Absolutely love grapefruit :). A Jar filled with color pencils must be pretty. And thick textured sweaters are always the best.

  9. Sherlock's names is so cool.
    Oh, I was singing "oh what a beautiful morning' just the other day! =D The yellow submarine is happy one too.
    Aaaand a jar of colored pencils, only, mine are in a green flowerpot! ;)