Time for Schedules

some favorite people of mine
     I'm home . . . Christmas is over . . . the wedding is over. Now it's time to adjust to a regular schedule. Today we went to the library, and I'm happy to have a nice large stack of books. Tomorrow we're headed back to Arkansas to pick up some more boxes and furniture. Sam and I are starting school on the 14th! I'm happy to be headed back to school, but it's coming up so fast . . . somehow it's surprising.

     2013 is a year that I'm excited for. It will be tough sometimes  . . . I know it will. But it will be wonderful and incredible too. I'm so happy about the books I'm going to read and the things I'm going to create and the people I'm going to meet. There's something about a new year that is just plain nice.

     Do you like starting a new year? What are you planning for in 2013? Are you back in school yet? What sort of books are you reading/planning on reading?


  1. I do like starting a new year, and school starts on the 14th for me too, I'm not really excited for it;)
    I'm finally reading The Fellowship of the Ring! Its fantastic, and I can't wait to read the next 2:)

  2. ahhh back to school! I like officially started today. I am excited for lots this year, and I like new years. new year=fresh start:)

  3. Back to school? Sounds exciting! 14th is pretty close... Good luck with getting back into the groove.
    I'm reading the Gallagher Girls and The Raven Boys (just brought it home from the library today). And I'm a fan of new years and fresh starts but I find them super daunting. Love the picture! :)