Monday Morning

     The house is pretty quiet, probably because the boys are at the airport working on a project. I'm just putzing around the house . . . thinking about books and authors, making a half-hearted attempt to tidy up, and listening to music. The wood floor is a bit chilly, but there's lots of sun shining through the windows. It's a peaceful morning, and I'm enjoying my day off.
     It doesn't look as though my schoolwork will keep me busy this semester, so I've got to write up a reading/project plan to occupy my time. I belong to a family that doesn't allow people to turn into couch potatoes or watch television every day, which I'm grateful for. It's a healthy way to live. But it does means that you have to put a certain amount of effort into occupying and entertaining yourself. That's healthy too ;)
     I discovered over the weekend that netflix has one of my favorite shows again. It's an older show, All Creatures Great and Small, and it's put me in the mood to re-read the books. I need to re-visit most of my L.M. Montgomery books as well, and there's so many others that I need to read again . . . Anne Frank, The Great Gatsby, Eight Cousins, Chaim Potok's books, I Capture the Castle, The Hobbit . . . and then there's thousands of books that I need to read for the first time. Books = Happiness.
     I have some thoughts too, about this blog and about things I ought to write about. Then there are projects I should do and habits I should form. It's still the beginning of the year and the beginning of the semester. It's a good time to think about that sort of thing.


A New Rhythm

     I'm sitting at the dining room table, and the view through the windows is beautiful . . . all pink and blue streaks behind dark, branchy silhouettes.
     I've spent this first half of the week working out my new schedule, carving out time for chores, and trying to slide into a general sort of rhythm. My classes aren't difficult this semester . . . not academically anyhow. Drawing will be hard for me, because I don't have any experience. But I suppose I'll get some.
     My speech teacher is named Dr. Tigerlily, and she has amazing black curly hair that she wears on top of her head. I like her. I have a forty minute break between Drawing and Speech, and Sarah and I already have a corner where we eat our lunch. Sometimes we see Sam, but it's always briefly. He has an extremely short break and he's always rushing from one side of the building to another.

     My new bedroom is a disaster. I'm not very good at finding new places for old things, and I still have boxes to unpack. It's been especially hard since I don't have a table or desk. I'm hoping something shows up soon. If it doesn't, I'll have to buy some sort of plastic folding table. 
     Mom took Ben and me to the library today. I still have a big stack of books that I got through the inter-library loan, but you know. :) What does that matter? I checked out a few Sherlock Holmes stories on CD, and I'm planning to listen to them while I organize.

     There's a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen, and Sam's playing the piano rather loudly. It's completely dark now, and everything is pretty cozy. I'm going to spend my evening reading and organizing. How are you spending yours?


Books are Beautiful Things

     We finally finally brought back the last of our boxes and furniture. The house is very chaotic ... books lying everywhere, furniture being rearranged, etc. The piano is still in the truck, and we have to bring it up seven porch steps. Yikes.
     I spent most of the morning unpacking books and shelving them. Seeing my  books made me so happy. I was probably grinning like an idiot. It's wonderful to see their familiar faces! Well . . . not faces really, more like spines and covers. But you know what I mean.
     I've been arranging them alphabetically, because that's how I like it. Halfway through I started wondering how they would look if I arranged them by color ... red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple. Hmm. Maybe I'll save that thought for a day when I'm feeling extremely bored or obsessive-compulsive. Too much work for now.

     You know, books are beautiful things. Covers, spines, pages, every part of them. I like the way my books look next to each other. Red spines next to blue spines. Classics next to fantasies. Austen next to Alcott. Durrell next to Dickens and Dickinson. Antique books next to shiny new paperbacks. They're beautiful. Beautiful beautiful. 
     I've started a book blog on tumblr where I'll be posting book quotes and photographs of the books I'm reading. It's kind of a combination of photography/reading resolutions for the new year. You can find it HERE.
    Also, a quick note concerning blog comments. A few months ago I disabled the word verification feature because I know (from experience) how annoying it can be for blog readers. Unfortunately, I've had a lot of problems with spam comments in the last few weeks, and I'll have to turn that back on. Hope it isn't too inconvenient.


Time for Schedules

some favorite people of mine
     I'm home . . . Christmas is over . . . the wedding is over. Now it's time to adjust to a regular schedule. Today we went to the library, and I'm happy to have a nice large stack of books. Tomorrow we're headed back to Arkansas to pick up some more boxes and furniture. Sam and I are starting school on the 14th! I'm happy to be headed back to school, but it's coming up so fast . . . somehow it's surprising.

     2013 is a year that I'm excited for. It will be tough sometimes  . . . I know it will. But it will be wonderful and incredible too. I'm so happy about the books I'm going to read and the things I'm going to create and the people I'm going to meet. There's something about a new year that is just plain nice.

     Do you like starting a new year? What are you planning for in 2013? Are you back in school yet? What sort of books are you reading/planning on reading?


Goals for the New Year

1. Read 150 books.
2. Print real photos every month.
3. Write more. Fill notebooks, write letters, and blog lots.
4. Be more consistent about Bible-reading.
5. Read more classic books and nonfiction.
6. Make new friends. Be more confident around other people.
7. Be the same me on the outside as the me on the inside.
8. Work hard for the things that matter to me.

In short: read more, write more, work hard, be myself, and love people.