Wet and Grey

     Today is wet and grey. I keep hoping for snow, but it's been astonishingly warm. Jason is sick and he's spent most of today and yesterday buried under a heap of blankets and stuffed animals. His own private mountain of misery. Poor little guy. Ben read out loud to him this morning, which was really sweet. Mom seems to be executing a winter-ized version of spring cleaning, in preparation for next weekend when we're bringing back the rest of our boxes and furniture from our old house in Arkansas.
      There's very little else to say. Only the weather is sort of interesting. I'm waiting for everything to pick up a little, and it will for sure. Today is Monday, so it's back to the grind of driving school. And Christmas is not very far away. What is your family doing to celebrate this December? Have you had snow yet?

Listening / Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson
Reading / A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True - Brigid Pasulka  


  1. Nope we have not had snow. (Ah-ha. Funny, aren't I...um, sorry.) XD

    The weather is startlingly similiar here! Except of course for the temperature. But it is wet and drippy and I'm hoping the sun chooses to come out. PS Nothing sweeter then trying to cheer up a sick sibling, eh? :)

    1. Heehee, I figured YOU hadn't.

  2. i wish we had snow! its miserably cold out tho. :D
    awe, i love that picture of the little boys<3
    and you have amazing windows!

  3. cozy. love it!

  4. We are leaving for an 8 hour journey to my grandparents this morning!We had a little snow but the wind happened.:( Hope Jason feels better!