NaNoWriMo Updates

     This novel-writing business has been interesting. I don't think I'm dedicated enough to make the 50k, especially since I'm 3,000+ words behind right now. However, I haven't written this many pages of fiction in a long time. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter if it's all crappy at the end . . . I'll have 50,000 words! Good enough reason to keep writing?
     As far as updates go, the first two days were really smooth sailing. But the rest of them? Maybe not so much . . .

November 3

6:00 P.M. - I need to write at least 985 words tonight. I don’t wanna!
9:00 P.M. - Okay, okay. *Grumbles* I did it.
9:06 P.M. - Yay! I finally have a chapter that lasts for more than one page :-/   

November 4

6:32 P.M. - I suddenly feel as though I wrote everything in the wrong order. It’s all a mess. I introduced the characters and their backgrounds at the wrong time. It doesn’t make much sense, and I’m about to conclude that most of this is CRAP.

November 5

9:08 P.M. - I am totally re-writing this. I’m switching the perspectives, switching the order in which I tell events, developing my characters more, and probably changing my favorite character’s name. Aaaand of course I also happen to be 2,800+ words behind. Oh joy! I do not have time to catch up before going to bed.
10:10 P.M. - Well the word count has not risen. I’m going to have an awful time catching it up. However, I have written out descriptions of my characters and I feel much better. Next step is re-organizing and re-writing scenes from different perspectives.

November 6

11:49 A.M. - Aaaaaaaaaa!!!
7:49 P.M. - Ugh. UghUgh.
9:23 P.M. - Edited and re-organized all evening. I know, I know . . . not supposed to edit! But I feel better. And more than a thousand extra words appeared out of nowhere, so that’s good too.

     Can you tell that I'm horrible at first drafts? Horrible, horrible, horrible. I want to edit the life out of every sentence. I just can't leave it alone! Can't ignore the imperfections and keep going. Eeeesh! And this is completely unrelated, but I am really ready for election night to be over! 


  1. My first drafts are so lousy I rarely finish them. I'm really, really hoping to actually finish the book I'm working on now. :) Know you are not alone in dodgy first drafts!!! :)

  2. Definitely not alone in hating your first drafts! I'm so disgusted with my writing I'm STILL rewriting my book. I want everything to be perfect before I go on...but then I'd never finish, would I? You can do this! And who cares if your first draft is rubbish?! No one has to see it till its ready (and you're ready). :)

  3. Here's my process.

    November 1: Yay! I'm gonna write this and I'm gonna FINISH IT.

    November 2-7: This story is meaningless. *headdesk*

  4. I believe in you, you can do it!

  5. AW!!! Here's some inspiration and help. :D :D :D <3 <3 <3

    There. Good luck! And don't worry about your first draft. It's better getting everything organized at once like what you're doing than waiting until you have 50k words and have no story... :D

    Any peek sneaks on they way?

  6. Oh my goodness, that sounds exactly like me! Hahaha. Good luck on the story, though! I'm sure you'll do an awesome job. :)

  7. lydia, i love l-o-v-e your writing style. you explain things so well and make them super interesting (is that weird to say?)
    anyway, love your blog!
    thinking i wish i was doing nanowrimo but realizing i would fail. so i guess maybe i can shoot for next year. *sigh*