A Passion for Balance (SOC Linkup)

     Today I'm linking up with my good blogging friends Cait and Mime. They've grown rather famous for their Streams of Consciousness linkups, which I have neglected to join until this point. Why? Oh, I don't know . . . maybe because the idea of writing a blog post in FIVE MINUTES terrifies me!!!! It was kind of brutal. Five minutes is so inadequate. Ah well, what's done is done. Be nice to me ;)
Today's Prompt: Your Passion

     I’ve never thought of myself as a passionate person. I’m easygoing and solid, both outwardly and inwardly. At times I can even be stoic. I don’t get particularly worked up. I don’t write morbid or angst-filled poetry. I don’t have the stereotypical artistic personality. I’m just not that way.
     Just because passion doesn’t characterize me, doesn’t mean that I don’t have passions. It’s taken me a while to realize and admit that. I think my first, most obvious passion is creating. I love to create. You can tell that based on the things that I choose to spend my time on and the things that I choose to put effort into.
    But other than creating? I think my passions are a little weird. I’m passionate about understanding other people’s opinions. I’m passionate about not stating things or viewing things in black and white. I’m passionate about maintaining balance in all areas of life. That’s a weird passion for a teenager . . . or for anyone really. Balance. I’m not sure why it’s so important to me. I think I’ve seen what can happen when people go off the deep end. I’ve seen what happens when people only consider one set of facts and opinions and completely discard the other sets. It’s hard to explain really. But that’s what I’m passionate about . . . creating, thinking, and comparing/balancing ideas.

^more or less. ha!
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  1. Nice! <3
    Balance is an important thing in this life.
    I should link up, but I don't know if I could make an intelligent post in 5 minutes!

    Great post, Lydia!

    ---->> Kate

  2. Ah-ha! I'm not the only one going overtime today...but ooo, your first time! So cool. :D I really liked your stream. And I like your passions. I mean, that's half the thing about being passionate about something: it doesn't have to make *sense* to other people. I admire your passion for balance.

  3. Ooooh!! Great post. I have to say, we are about as opposite as opposites can get when it comes to passions (just drop by my SOC and you'll see what I mean) but that is great! I love people who are different. If everyone was the same, well.... where would the balance be, lol!!!! :D

    Anyway, I really liked this! It was good.

  4. You have great passions! Keeping balance is a good thing most of the time, and I'm glad somebody likes it. Creating and thinking are definitely awesome, each in their own way. Great stream!

  5. The stream of consciousness linkup is such a cool idea! I enjoyed reading your thoughts!
    -mal :)