Week End

     I started my day on Grandma's farm. The leaves were a little past their peak, but it was beautiful. I took Piper and Pookie for a long run, and Grandma's puppy Fritz joined us. They were three of the happiest creatures I have ever seen. I was pretty happy too. The woods were yellow with a tinge of pink and the grass was long and minty-colored. It was gorgeous and the dogs got soaked.
     We spent some time with both sides of the family over the weekend. Uncle David rode up with us and some of my other aunts and uncles (and cousins) were there too.  Consequently, Saturday was a good day . . . a very Morris-ish day. Loud, warm, and crowded, with lots of laughter, conversations, and good food.
    Today we had a little time with Grandma Wildermuth and we ate lunch with my Uncle Paul and his fiance, Carrie. It was lovely. Like my mom said, when you're having a hard time, it's good to be with your family and remember who you are. It was just what I needed, really. It was worth the long drive. I'm so glad for my big and wonderful family.

Tomorrow is a new day and that is a cheerful thought. <3


  1. A cheerful thought indeed! The trees you photographed are gorgeous and that sounds like a really enjoyable weekend. I love time spent with family :)

  2. glad you go to spend time with your family! :) can't wait to see mine here soonly(:

  3. Oh, those are such beautiful pictures! The colours of the leaves are so bright! We have flame trees that get that bright, but we don't get whole forests of yellow! (It's so weird thinking about it...) :)

  4. I love the grass shadow!