Sidewalks & Dogs

     I took my camera on my walk with Piper this afternoon in hopes that we'd find some interesting things to photograph. Piper was not keen on photography (although she was very interested in telephone poles) so we didn't get any photographs of red leaves or plants growing in the sidewalk cracks. Ha! I just took this one photo of a date in the sidewalk that I noticed earlier today. I like finding little details like that. I'm surprised it didn't turn out blurry, because Piper was tugging on the leash.
     Today the librarian was telling us about a tri-state tornado that swept through our town in 1925. Most of the town was destroyed. I know this because she talked on and on about it. And it was interesting, but she talked for a looong time. That's one thing I've noticed about our small town library. All of the librarians are talkers. Back to the tornado though. I guess this sidewalk survived, didn't it?
     When we looped back to our house, I tried to make Piper submit to being photographed. It didn't work very well until I got her to sit in a pile of leaves in the front yard. Even then she insisted on whipping her head back and forth. (Pipes, you and I have got to work on this photography thing.)
     Thankfully, she is behaving a lot better. I think she's starting to resign herself to living here, so she's less anxious and upset. She's also getting used to a new routine, and she's starting to like it. Funny thing about Piper and Pookie, they really love their routines. Mom bought a harness for her, and that's stopped her from yanking me up and down the streets. So I take her on longer walks now and we're both happier. =)
     What about you? Does your dog like to be photographed? And how's fall in your part of the country? Are you starting to get some nice crunchy leaves to shuffle through?


  1. Tillie doesn't take very good pictures, she's constantly on the move :p
    the leaves haven't turned completely yet here, i'm not ready for them to fall either. :)

  2. NONE of our dogs photograph well. They all have things to do and places to be! Haha. Piper is so cute, though! :)

  3. I don't have a pet (unless my nephew counts, and in that case, NO he doesn't not like to sit still and be photographed). I love the photo of Piper's paws in the leaves best. So cool!!