Little House

      This little house has many imperfections and difficulties. It has many charms too, but you have to be willing to look past glaring realities like the crumbling living room ceiling if you want to notice them.
       I like the tall ceilings and the wavy glass in the old windows. It's funny to look out the window and see the backyard rippling. But I don't like the cracking plaster and the faulty plumbing and electricity. I don't like sharing one bathroom with five other people and I hate it that the dogs have to stay in a tiny pen. 
     I like the brick streets in our neighborhood, but I don't like the way our bumper always scrapes when we back out of the driveway. I like seeing people out and about on the streets, but sometimes I wish we had a little more privacy. I'm not used to people looking at me while I'm standing in my own backyard.
     I like the shutters and the shape of the windows. I don't like the walled-up porch. I like the old doorknobs and the white brick walls in the basement. I don't like the pink bathtub and the tacky kitchen cupboards and the dark green stick-on tiles.
     I like walking to the library with Sam, but I don't like passing the house where the people yell at each other. I do like the yellow house across from us where Fern and her husband live. They've been married for more than sixty years, and they've lived in the little yellow house for fifty of those. It's been yellow all that time. And I like that. I really really do.


  1. Sounds like a pretty cool house. I mean, despite all of the plumbing and the electric issues and such. I love old houses. They are just so intriguing to me.

    cute post! <3

  2. I like yellow houses. It's like from in the movie *UP*! I think I'd struggle with the pink bathtub personally. Pink?! Seriously?! (Sorry, I'm prejudice towards pink.) xD

  3. Sorry, Lydia, I'm just reading this now--because I LOVE old houses, but they are always quirky. Does your bathroom have pink tile too? Ours does, but no pink bathtub. For a while I did not like pink tile, but it was actually Bob who was okay with it first--it is original to the house, so it tells a story about when the house was built. It's still pink, but I've come to terms with it :) I've been catching up on your blog lately. Love your writing! and love you! ~h