Costumes and Books

Robot Ben + Lego Man Jason
     Today was costume day at our house. The boys built the basic structures for their costumes out of cardboard several weeks ago, but they had to scramble to get them finished for a party at church tonight. Sam and Jason covered the Lego man costume in colored duct tape, and they cut the dark film out of a pair of 3D glasses and pasted it over the eye-holes. I helped Ben glue together his costume, and then Sam spray-painted it silver. Ben and I added all the details with masking tape and Sharpies. He has a pair of coat-hangar antennae on his head too, but you can't really see them in the photograph. Those two had better have some Skittles or Snickers for us when they come home ;)
     We're going to have a late supper tonight, and Uncle David is planning to come watch Captain America with Sam, Dad, and me. Mom took Ben and me to the library earlier today, so I have a big stack of books to read. The fact that we're only allowed to check out five books is killing me, but Mom let me check out two extra books on her card. I cannot wait until this month of library restrictions is over. Ugh!
     I checked out Anne of Green Gables and Little Women both. I'm in the mood to revisit my old favorites. I felt sort of silly checking them out, because I have giant sets of Louisa May Alcott and L.M. Montgomery's books. But they're still in boxes at our old house. So I have to make do with the library books instead of my books. I might be strange, but I like to own my favorite books. I like to see them on my bookcase, and I like to flip through them sometimes. I like them to be all mine


  1. oh, so cute! and I just got the book Little Dorrit to read, it's big. but i'm ready for it!:) I know what ya mean, I like to own my favorite books:)

    1. My mom and I watched the BBC version of Little Dorrit, but I haven't read the book. I like Dickens, but I've only made it through Great Expectations. He always has such interesting characters, though!

  2. their costumes are fantastic! you can tell them i said so too, hehe ;)
    yeah, i love owning my own fave books. i hate having a new fave book and not actually owning it! :D

  3. how creative of you guys! I love little kids especially when they're in their halloween costumes, these are just wonderful :) and yes, i know that feel xx

  4. Awesome costumes! I would be handing out snickers, definitely.

    I've had to borrow a book from the library because I simply couldn't find our copy of it. (Huck Finn, I believe it was.) Colour-coding bookshelves is awesome...but sometimes it's really hard to find the book you're after.

  5. Haha, so cute! I love that you all made the costumes :)

  6. I still love Anne of Green Gables. I once book swapped with a girl years ago and she lent me Anne of Green Gables. We ended up never returning each others books for some reason. I still have that book today and I credit it for starting my love of writing. :)