Today was rather uneventful. I had chocolate turtle cookies and a big glass of milk for breakfast.
Then I read my book stack until lunch. I finished The Great Omission and Letters from the Earth.
And I started reading The Grace Awakening and The Jungle Book.
It rained in the afternoon, and there was lots of crazy wind.
The kittens all fell asleep on the same couch pillow. Patches goes to her new home tomorrow, and we are all quite sad to see her go =(
Mom took the little boys on a walk when it stopped raining. Sam and I started the pork chops and broccoli for supper, and I went outside to investigate the puddles.
I took pictures of Piper and Pookie through the breakfast room doors. They treated me to their most tragic faces, reserved especially for rainy days.  "We are cold and hungry and destitute orphans. Let us in!"
I asked Jason if I could take a picture of him splashing in his yellow boots. He thought it was a brilliant idea.
After supper, I washed the dishes while singing "Lean On Me" and "Rolling On The River." I think I shall probably spend the rest of the night reading, snatching and cuddling kittens, and listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with the boys.

Was your Wednesday busy or uneventful like mine? Either way, I hope it was splendid. <3


  1. Mine rates as uneventful. Considerably so. Though I'm very envious of your breakfast. Oh, delicious. I'm all hungry now from just looking at it.

    1. They were delicious! I'm afraid if I sent some to Australia the caramel would leak through the cardboard =( Otherwise I would :D

  2. ohmygoodness! Those cookies look amazing!
    Those kittens turned me all gushy. <3 <3 cutest li'l things!
    That sounds pretty much like a lovely day over all. :) mine was kinda busy...We were going through winter clothes and packing away some of our Summer clothes. And I cleaned my room...I guess that's an event. ;) and then we had church in the evening. It felt busier than it was, I think.
    cute post, Lydia!

    1. Hahaha! I know what you mean. Cleaning my room is always a major event for me. =)

  3. I have to set here and remember..um.
    It was uneventful. Church was awesome.
    So, I guess it was splendid. ;)

    1. If you have to remember, it counts as uneventful. But that can be splendid :D

  4. Dear Lydia,

    You call it Uneventful when you have THOSE for breakfast. Indeed, I wonder what an eventful day would be for you, cake for all meals? (though, assuming you life revolves around food like mine ;)

    Wednesday was fine. It was a little nice, since because I wasn't feeling well enough to go to piano class, I was able to stay home almost (excepting my little brother) by myself. I had Tacos for dinner which was nice, and made delightful little lemon bars. Then stayed up to three, to help my sister with community college blah. Oh yes, and ducked in a corner and finished the thrilling part where Mr. Darcy proposes for the first time. Ahh...

    Anyway, I am so tempted to apologize for how I haven't commented in ever, but already know how lazy I am. So, I won't.

    But I did miss you very much.
    P.S. You are very awesome (I had the urge)!

    1. Ha! I'm afraid my life does revolve around food. Cake for all meals would be eventful, though =)

  5. Ah! Love your blog! The first two pictures are great and I loooove the cat one!!! So cute!