This Is What I Want

Right now? This is what I want.

I want to write something truthful.
I want to make someone smile.
I want to say what I really think.
I want to write my heart on paper.
I want to create something beautiful.
I want to work hard for the things that matter.
I want to fill a page with words.
I want to fill another one.
I want to meet someone new and interesting.
I want to have an intelligent conversation.
I want to learn how to draw.
I want to read a million books.
I want to go on a road-trip. 
I want to know people who have different beliefs.
I want to know people who have their own ideas and goals.
I want to wear something outrageous.
I want to pile my hair on top of my head.
I want to go places.
I want to search for something.
I want to fly or run or sing or dance.

Right now? That’s what I want.


  1. thats a pretty beautiful list! <3

  2. Fell in love with that. Awesome. :D

  3. Oh, I so know how you feel!

  4. I want what you want, those all sound very marvelous right about now.

  5. Oh, sheesh, I want to fly too. Like, you know, free-flying (Peter Pan style, if you like). Why won't someone make that possible? I think those are great things to want. And I think you should go out and do them all! Go on! They're achievable! :D (Even the flying! Maybe...)

    PS And I want some a piece of lemon pie...yeah, that'd be nice right now. Random, but nice.

  6. lovely list, this is just everything! x

  7. Yes! I know exactly what you mean. People are just the best.

    Anna x