Homemade Stamps

     The boys and I made homemade stamps yesterday. Jason made this little city out of a wooden block and craft foam. Surprisingly, all of the little details stood out because he had drawn them in with a pen, and it made little dents in the foam.
     We also made a few out of carved erasers. It took a while to get the hang of it, but the knife sliced through the eraser beautifully. I stuck to geometric shapes, because my talent is somewhat lacking when it comes to drawing. But even though they aren't spectacular, I do think my simple shapes turned out nicely. You see that royal mess we made? Messes are definite proof that something creative is happening ;)


  1. This is so creative! I love colouring in my rubber and then stamping it down on stuff :)

    Anna x

  2. Oo, I like the leaf one best! And yay for creative mess! :D That's what I say our room is when my mum says she can't see the floor. So far she's not convinced.

  3. We've tried to do this too. I don't think we ever got as much detail as you did! Everything looks spectacular!
    Grandma M

  4. Woah, this looks like so much fun! Can I come over? Haha.