Giant Jenga

     Today was splendid. Sam built a giant jenga set, and we played jenga with the neighbor kids (Jordan and Peyton) all afternoon.
Jason and Peyton (well, all the boys, for that matter) enjoyed knocking the tower over. As you can see, Jason hit it with a hammer and almost got creamed.
Sam and Ben set the blocks up like dominoes, but they got a little too elaborate and it didn't work. Jordan and I set ours in a straight line, and the wind knocked them over.
Then Jordan and I named each of the wooden blocks and labeled them with permanent markers. We made up some of the names, but some of them we named after our favorite characters (Dustfinger, Hermione, Hobbes, Gus, Lassiter, Edmund, Susan, Eustace . . .) The boys laughed and then made lots of suggestions.
 Sam, Ben and Peyton tried to build a giant tower, and then we tried to build a wall. The wind knocked it over, and the boys insisted on turning the names upside down.
Jason climbed the mulberry tree, and Ben poured water on people's heads, and everyone had fun dodging and stacking wooden blocks. Who knew that a giant jenga set could provide so much fun?


  1. that's awesome! looks like fun!!!

  2. that looks like so much fun! It reminds me of ellen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTu_5tqW9Jk) And I love the moment you captured in the second photo :)

  3. Funfun!! Wish I had been there! :)

  4. SO fun! Wish I could be there and have fun with you!!

  5. I loooove the second picture! Great action shot, eh?!! :) Looks like fun. Dominoes! Who knew?! Looks like such an awesome day.

  6. The second picture is great! Actually, they are all pretty special! It looks like you are enjoying not being in school for now?
    Grandma Morris

  7. That sounds like such fun! What a wonderful brother you have!

    Anna x

    P.S I'm not from Scotland but we were watching a Scottish program on new years. I'm Irish :)

  8. I remember that!:) We did have fun!:) The boys just could not figure out how to put the names right side up, could they?:P I thinks Sam thought we were a bit strange for knowing so many made up names off the top of our heads:) But hey, we're girls! It's what we do;P