Narnia Time

     It only started last week, but I rather suspect that this is already a firm tradition in the mind of one little boy. Every night, Jason nags our ears off until we give in. Right around the time it gets dark, we all grab our pillows and comforters and pile into my bed. We lie with our heads against the wall, four in a row, and there's lots of giggling and poking and arguing and threatening and stealing of pillows. Then we turn the lights out, and the story begins. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 
      We all know the story backwards and forwards. That is, Sam, Ben, and I do. For Jason, it's his first time. The rest of us lie comfortably, listening to the words flow over us, knowing what's coming next, anticipating certain phrases and words. But Jason is tensely riveted to the storyline. Sometimes he lies still with the rest of us, and snuggles his head on my shoulder. But then something unexpected happens, and he sits straight up and stares at the dark screen of Sam's laptop. Then he has his head under his blanket, and Sam or I pull it off. He'll lie still and pretend he's not scared, and then he sits up again. When the half an hour is up, he begs for more. And when we turn the light on, everyone squints, but Jason is wearing a radiant smile. There is nothing as marvelous as being seven years old and entering Narnia for the first time.


  1. So love narnia!! And such a cute picture. :] Are you listening to an audio or watching a movie?

    1. We're listening to an audio book =)

  2. lovely picture! and narnia is awesome!

  3. "There is nothing as marvelous as being seven years old and entering Narnia for the first time." Yes. <3

  4. I love Narnia! ☺ I couldn't stop reading the books during one of my previous summers. The stories are always so thrilling!