Giant City

     We all woke up at four o'clock this morning so that Mom could go with Dad to the bank to do some paperwork. (No, the bank was not open at four o'clock. It's just that Dad has a job in another state. Living in transition is a bit complicated.) While Dad was at work, we went exploring. We ended up at Giant City State Park, and we hiked a couple of trails. Ben and Jason poked around and found lots of little creatures, and Sam and I amused ourselves by making fun of the state park signs ;)
     It was a rather damp day, but it was very beautiful. Lots of moss and ferns and amazing rock formations and cliffs. We're all quite excited about the fact that we'll be living just a few miles away from plenty of lovely state parks.
moss graffiti 
     After we went hiking and exploring around the state parks, we picked up Dad during his lunch break and went to the bank. Sam, Ben, Jason and I stayed in the car (of course). We had lots of interesting conversations. Sam and I educated B+J on stuff that cool people say and like, and they did their best to act exceedingly astonished and indignant. (For those who are wondering, Sam and I are not cool people. We just met some on accident once.) Also, Jason messed up the word heartthrob while we were talking about The Jonas Brothers, Justin Beiber, and One Direction and said "heart-frog" instead. Needless to say, it is now a new favorite word in our private dictionary. Kind of like fat-jump, pilgarlic, and goldfish boy. I told you we have great conversations. (Don't know what a pilgarlic is? Look it up, you'll find it. But I doubt you'll find fat-jump.) 
      We spent the rest of the day poking around in a toy shop at the mall and hanging out at Hobby Lobby and Barnes & Noble. Does anyone else think that Barnes & Noble smells amazing? I'll probably never bring myself to spend sixteen dollars on a book. I'm far too talented at bargains for that. But still. Someday I might cave and come out with a huge stack of books and notebooks, just because that would be pure loveliness.
     And there you have it. A little peek at our day. Beautiful hiking trails, humorous conversations, and a little bit of window shopping. That's pretty much what we do when we've got time to waste. <3


  1. Those pictures are amazing!! I love those kind of places. We call them "national parks" here, and we used to do a heap before we moved. Fun, eh?! Sheesh, though, 4 o'clock? Long day.

    I'd love to walk into a bookshop and actually BUY a book. Or a stack of them! When I trip over a lump of gold... ;)

    1. We have state parks and national parks. Usually the national parks are for the huge stuff that everyone recognizes . . . like the Grand Canyon. State parks are usually for smaller, local attractions like waterfalls or cool hiking trails. =)

      And I totally agree! I know of cheaper ways to buy books, but it would just be so lovely! I like to go to giant book-sales in St. Louis, because then I really can walk out with giant stacks of books :D

  2. These are brilliant photos, Lidya!! I love them all.

  3. Sounds great! I dont think I'd be able to get up so early and function properly though! I love the photos too.

    Anna x

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