Visiting Aunt Carolyn

       Hi everyone =) I am back from my trip to St. Louis, and I had a lovely time! I feel like I've been a horrible blogger this summer, but I've just been extremely busy. Maybe things will slow down a little now that I'm home. St. Louis was ridiculously hot (well above a hundred degrees most days) so Aunt Carolyn and I went book shopping, ate good food, hung out at coffee shops, and watched lots of movies for the first few days. Thankfully, it did rain some towards the last part of my visit, so we did get to visit the zoo and the botanical gardens. We also went to the Muny to see Aladdin, which was a ton of fun. I never knew genies were so hilarious :)

My favorite day was definitely the one we spent at the zoo and the botanical gardens. For future reference (if you ever happen to be in St. Louis) the botanical gardens are complete amazingness and gorgeousness.

The current theme at the gardens revolves around Japanese lanterns and art. This is a dragon made entirely from string and china plates and cups. So. Cool.

tiled garden

the climatron

apple tree

hedge maze

My favorite part of the zoo was the underwater sea lion tunnel. It was awesome :) And of course, I loved the penguins and the elephants. Because penguins and elephants are always my favorites.

I'm also rather fond of flamingos.

And toucans :)
So yeah. It was a pretty good visit :) Carolyn brought me home yesterday, and she went home this morning. She was carrying a very large stack of books. It filled up two whole grocery bags. Aunt Carolyn is a very wise person who knows who to borrow books from :)


  1. glad you had a good time!! love the pictures, the botanical gardens are fantastic..and i really want to go to the zoo soonly with NJ 'n Luke! <3

  2. I love these pictures! I would love to go to that zoo, especially the tunnel!

  3. Looks amazing! The picture of the china-plate dragon reminded me of being in China! They had amazing dragons like that. But not made out of plates. Unfortunately.

    Ha! The musical looked cool. Especially at the end when they drove away in a golf buggy! (Who knew they had cars in Aladdin's day? Amazing). :)

    Missed you while you were gone! :D

  4. Oh, that looks like so much fun. I love the photos of the botanical gardens... so pretty. :)