Somewhat Official News

     My family and I are moving.We've known for most of the summer that we intended to move, but it's been quite a process. Anyway, it's more or less official at this point. Dad has a new job teaching aviation mechanics at a university in Illinois, so we will be moving very, very soon.
     There's a lot of different feelings that come with moving. There's a feeling of excitement and a feeling of adventure. There's a feeling of sadness at leaving friends and places behind. There's also a feeling of being just plain overwhelmed at all of the changes and hard work.
     For the most part, I am pretty excited about this move. It's overwhelming, but I am very happy about our new location. We'll be much closer to my grandparents . . . only two or three hours instead of six, and we'll also be close to St. Louis and my friends in Missouri. Uncle David is going to school at the same university that Dad will be working at, so that's pretty awesome. David is only five years older than me, so he's kind of like our older cousin and it will be lots of fun to have him around.

   I feel bad saying it, but I don't like living here, and I'm glad to be moving. I'm a Midwest girl, and I don't like living with miserably hot summers and mosquitoes. I haven't really enjoyed living in the middle of cotton and rice fields, because I'm used to beautiful trees and hills. All of my family likes outdoor beauty, and there just isn't much of that here. None of us feel at home, because it's a different culture and we don't have the opportunities for creativity that we want to have.
     Now don't get me wrong. There's definitely been good things about the two years we spent here. Dad got the opportunity to begin his dream job, teaching airplanes. Sam and I got to attend a small community college. We got to live in a lovely neighborhood, and it was really awesome to be friends with our next-door neighbors Jordan and Peyton. (We will miss them!!) So really there's good and bad things about every place you live. I'm sad to leave our neighborhood and our friends behind, but I'm really excited for what's ahead.

     One of the hard things about moving is the fact that you don't have the time or resources that you need to be creative. You can't bake, paint, sew, or create, and that's difficult for me. There's also a lot less to blog about, because let's face it . . . all I'm going to be doing these next few weeks is packing boxes and moving boxes. At some point I may take a week or two off of blogging, but we'll see. I'm also considering the possibility of switching blogs when I switch locations. I'd really like to have a new name and a new design, but I don't really want to change this one. Does that make sense? I don't know if I will switch or not, but it is a possibility. For now, I'm just taking everything as it comes.


  1. Well if you make a new blog...I am coming too! Fresh starts are pretty awesome. But complicated-ly awesome. Changing everything in your life is so hard, and stressful, but then sometimes it IS like a huge adventure. I've moved a lot and I feel that way every time. Everything new? Exciting. But sometimes you get to missing the old stuff.

    Have fun packing (haha. whatever) I reckon unpacking is better than packing. It's like "hay! I forgot about this awesome thing I have. It'll go nicely right here..."

    1. Contrawise, I prefer packing to unpacking. Getting everything neat and boxed up... nice feeling.

      Moving's always pretty exciting... have fun!

  2. start a new blog or not, we'll be here for you every step of the way! have fun with the big move - you're turning a page on the book of your life! :)