Links (and waterfights)

     It's been ridiculously busy around here lately. Dad's been working on the stairway . . . Mom's been painting the kitchen green . . . Sam and I have been writing enormous research papers for internet classes. (curse you, music appreciation) But I thought I would stop in real quick and post some fun photos and awesome links. Who doesn't love sunshiny water fights and goofy dogs?
     Okay, links. First one: The Piano Guys. They're incredible. Second one: Rhett & Link. They're hilarious. Third link: my current favorite Pinterest board. I've discovered that I like white rooms and huge windows. I believe I inherited it from my mother.
      And unfortunately that is all. Pardon the briefness and cheesiness of this post. I must bid you farewell and go prepare my nerves for a five to ten minute presentation for music appreciation. Ughi-ness. See you around.


  1. Good luck on your presentation. I especially love the last picture and your pinterest board.I am re-doing my room this week and every bit of inspiration helps.:)

  2. I know you'll do great on your presentation! :) Also, I loved those photos. <3


  3. Good luck w/ your presentation! I'm sure you'll be great! ^_^
    I loooooooove the piano guys. <3 <3

  4. Yay for the PianoGuys! (thanks for putting me onto them by the way...back when you put "Beethoven's 5 Secrets" up on your blog.) :D My new favourite is the Canon in D. Hilarious! :P

    Beautiful pictures. Colours are gorgeous. And a definate yay for sunshine and waterfights! I second that one! :)