It's been a peachy sort of day.

     The last couple of days have been really rough. Moving is so exhausting, both physically and mentally, and it doesn't help to be upset about other junk. Yesterday things more or less came to a climax when the cat went crazy and attacked me for no good reason. It all ended with me flung on the bed and bawling about, you know . . . everything. I hate crying.
     So. Compared to yesterday, today has been perfect. Everything is a little more relaxed, because the realtor listed the house yesterday and most of the big projects are finished. I woke up late and took a long shower. Then I made fudgsicles. And then I made cookies. And then I made peach tarts. It was perfectly wonderful.
     The rest of the family was at the hardware store most of the morning. So it was just me in the kitchen. Listening to Jack Johnson and Simon & Garfunkel. Licking melted chocolate chips off of my fingers. Eating cookie dough, and scouring Pinterest for the perfect tart recipe. It was quite peaceful. I think that baking might be therapeutic.
      I was excited to finally use the miniature tart pans that I got for my birthday. I used this recipe, but I divided the dough into six equal parts and I used peaches and blueberries instead of strawberries. It turned out quite splendidly. All of my family very much approved, including Jason (although he passed on the fruit).
     In other news, our friends from next-door are coming over this afternoon. I have a feeling that their visit will involve lots of cuddle time with the kittens. My other plans include spending some quality time with my gorgeous Piper-dog, writing my Australian pen-pals (e-mail pals?), and curling up under my comforter to read Pat of Silver Bush. I'll let you know later if the fudgsicles turn out. And maybe I'll get some good photos of the kitties. Till then, you may have fun being jealous of my peach and blueberry tart.


  1. I hate crying too. (*hug*) I'm sorry you had a bad day. :P
    Those tarts are beauuuuutiful!! They look soo yummo. ^_^ plus, I officially really want some chocolate chip cookie dough to eat. mmm...

  2. Gulp. It worked. I'm completely jealous of that peach and blueberry tart (though the biscuit dough didn't exactly help either...) Argh!! Yum!! And beautiful photos by the way. I like the angles and arragements. :D

    I'm hungry...

  3. I'll give you a cyber hug!! ;) Great photos by the way!! <3

  4. Aw, I'm glad you felt much better today, *hugs* lovely pictures, that tart looks delicious! x

  5. P.S, Lidja! Do you have an email? :)

  6. Oh, that chocolate chip dough looks so good. Cait made chocolate chip biscuits this afternoon, but of course she did it while I was practising, so I couldn't eat the chocolate chips out of the box. Mean, isn't she? :) But that's the best part about chocolate chips. Eating them from the box (or packet. Whatever they're in.)

    Those tarts look so good my mouth is watering!!!

  7. Chocolate chips! =) Please check my blog http://www.theinspiredchic.blogspot.com Thanks ♥