Good Things

       This hasn't been my most favorite day. I've had quite a few extra chores lately, due to various circumstances. I've also had to buckle down and catch up with summer classes and clean up my room (which literally took hours!) I loved my vacation, but now I'm tired and exhausted, so it's been hard to avoid feeling low about the tough things that exist in regular life. Right now there's a lot happening for my family, and a lot of big things brewing. I'll tell you the details soon, but it isn't quite the right time to talk about it. It's enough to say that I'm a little bit excited, but mostly just overwhelmed.
     However. Now that I've said that whole mouthful, I must admit that today has actually failed at being a bad day. I keep accidentally noticing good things about it. For instance, I got four books in the mail. I just about died when I saw The Blue Castle. I have been looking for that book everywhere. It's the one L. M. Montgomery book that I haven't got to read yet (not counting one or two books of short stories.) I really, really can't wait to dig in. And there's been other good things too . . . 

Like jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon for breakfast . . .
And big, fat, homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Like caramel in the middle of my ice cream cone . . . 
And Taffy's five darling little kitties.
Like wonderful neighbors . . . 
And a dog who missed me and adores me.
Like parents who love and understand me . . .
And three brothers who are rather annoying but make my life extremely interesting. =)

So you see. Today really has failed at being a bad day. Because really. Come on. I can't dislike a day that brought me four books. It's impossible.


  1. I'm glad your day wasn't all bad! I hate days that don't have their silver linings!!!! And ooooh for carmel in ice cream!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Yep. Days with new (and good) books are the best days. ;)

    I nominated you for some blog awards back on Notebooksisters. I love following your blog. :)

  3. hmmm..my day hasn't been as good as yours.
    because i didn't get any new books. :(
    bbc shows almost made it.
    but not quite.

  4. Definately can't dislike a day when you get new books! :) Breakfast sounded...interesting -- but yay for fat homemade chochip biscuits! I'm glad your day failed at being bad. There's nothing like a good day to smooth out those rough spots.

  5. Sounds like a good day!I hope some of life's stresses go away.

  6. Oh, what lovely books! I want to get new books, but I still have around eight or nine books to finish.
    It is hard to change modes when you're still on vacation mode, isn't it? Hope you have nicer days with more books and yummy food x

  7. love, love love love love. <3 you looked like you had a good day!

  8. ^_^ I love the little things that keep a day from being bad alltogether. :) <3 This is a sweet post.

  9. the blue castle


    *wipes drool off of table*