Today we went to Memphis and we dropped off our very last load of books at the library. *Sniff* I hope southern Illinois has a huge library somewhere. =(  We stopped in at the bookstore, and I bought two magazines. I fully intend to make a giant magazine collage on the wall of my next bedroom.
     Also, I must inform you that I had the most amazing ice cream drumstick this afternoon. The cone was chocolate, the ice cream was chocolate, the top was dipped in chocolate, there were crunchy chocolate bits on top, there was chocolate fudge in the middle, and the bottom of the cone was filled with chocolate. I cannot begin to describe how very chocolatey it was.
     I'm also extremely jealous of Martha Stewart's collection of jadeite dishes. They're gorgeous. I know they're just dishes. But I like them. A lot.
     Well. Well, well, well. I shall now stop blogging and start reading my book. It's called The Young Unicorns. By Madeleine L'Engle. And it's become quite interesting. TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now)


  1. Ohhh...sudden chocolate craving right now. I've had a drumstick that sounds simliar to that. But the fudge in the middle? Oh yum!!

    I really enjoy reading Madeliene L'Engle. Except our library doesn't have ANYTHING by her. What kind of a library is allowed to do that anyway?!?

  2. I love chocolate drumsticks.
    Happy reading! x

  3. i moved this past summer too. i find that it's been fun to start over. :)
    (that ice cream sounds so. good.)

  4. Wow. Chocolatey indeed!! *Grin*