It's been a peachy sort of day.

     The last couple of days have been really rough. Moving is so exhausting, both physically and mentally, and it doesn't help to be upset about other junk. Yesterday things more or less came to a climax when the cat went crazy and attacked me for no good reason. It all ended with me flung on the bed and bawling about, you know . . . everything. I hate crying.
     So. Compared to yesterday, today has been perfect. Everything is a little more relaxed, because the realtor listed the house yesterday and most of the big projects are finished. I woke up late and took a long shower. Then I made fudgsicles. And then I made cookies. And then I made peach tarts. It was perfectly wonderful.
     The rest of the family was at the hardware store most of the morning. So it was just me in the kitchen. Listening to Jack Johnson and Simon & Garfunkel. Licking melted chocolate chips off of my fingers. Eating cookie dough, and scouring Pinterest for the perfect tart recipe. It was quite peaceful. I think that baking might be therapeutic.
      I was excited to finally use the miniature tart pans that I got for my birthday. I used this recipe, but I divided the dough into six equal parts and I used peaches and blueberries instead of strawberries. It turned out quite splendidly. All of my family very much approved, including Jason (although he passed on the fruit).
     In other news, our friends from next-door are coming over this afternoon. I have a feeling that their visit will involve lots of cuddle time with the kittens. My other plans include spending some quality time with my gorgeous Piper-dog, writing my Australian pen-pals (e-mail pals?), and curling up under my comforter to read Pat of Silver Bush. I'll let you know later if the fudgsicles turn out. And maybe I'll get some good photos of the kitties. Till then, you may have fun being jealous of my peach and blueberry tart.


Currently Loving . . .

My new/old sandals. Goodwill. Real leather. Three dollars. Happiness all around =)

Old houses. We got to visit a huge one yesterday while we were house-shopping. It was lovely. Way too much work, but so many amazing little details. I want to live in an old house.

Pandora and Grooveshark. They are my constant companions while I pack boxes and paint stairway spindles. (Both jobs are extreeemely tedious.)

Pinterest. I am re-discovering its amazingness. It's the perfect way to unwind after a couple hours of painting.

Blogger friends. You guys are amazing. I'm extremely glad to have "met" you.

Taffy's little kittens. Their eyes are just opening and they are the sweetest little scraps of fluff. Right now they're under Jason's bed, so I can't get any good photos of them. But he has a futon mattress, so we can pull up the corner and take a peep at them.

This song. It's beautiful.
Where I Belong by Building 429 on Grooveshark

Psych. One of the best shows ever. Also an extremely good way to unwind from a long day of packing boxes and painting.

Humans of New York. (To feed my inner people-watching tendencies.) 

Lemonade. Poured into popsicle molds and frozen. Yum. Once Dad finishes tearing the kitchen apart, I want to make fudgsicles. I'm thinking that I'll use this recipe.

What have you been loving lately?

P.S. Painting spindles looks a lot cooler in black-and-white. In real life, it's just extremely boring :p



     Today we went to Memphis and we dropped off our very last load of books at the library. *Sniff* I hope southern Illinois has a huge library somewhere. =(  We stopped in at the bookstore, and I bought two magazines. I fully intend to make a giant magazine collage on the wall of my next bedroom.
     Also, I must inform you that I had the most amazing ice cream drumstick this afternoon. The cone was chocolate, the ice cream was chocolate, the top was dipped in chocolate, there were crunchy chocolate bits on top, there was chocolate fudge in the middle, and the bottom of the cone was filled with chocolate. I cannot begin to describe how very chocolatey it was.
     I'm also extremely jealous of Martha Stewart's collection of jadeite dishes. They're gorgeous. I know they're just dishes. But I like them. A lot.
     Well. Well, well, well. I shall now stop blogging and start reading my book. It's called The Young Unicorns. By Madeleine L'Engle. And it's become quite interesting. TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now)


Somewhat Official News

     My family and I are moving.We've known for most of the summer that we intended to move, but it's been quite a process. Anyway, it's more or less official at this point. Dad has a new job teaching aviation mechanics at a university in Illinois, so we will be moving very, very soon.
     There's a lot of different feelings that come with moving. There's a feeling of excitement and a feeling of adventure. There's a feeling of sadness at leaving friends and places behind. There's also a feeling of being just plain overwhelmed at all of the changes and hard work.
     For the most part, I am pretty excited about this move. It's overwhelming, but I am very happy about our new location. We'll be much closer to my grandparents . . . only two or three hours instead of six, and we'll also be close to St. Louis and my friends in Missouri. Uncle David is going to school at the same university that Dad will be working at, so that's pretty awesome. David is only five years older than me, so he's kind of like our older cousin and it will be lots of fun to have him around.

   I feel bad saying it, but I don't like living here, and I'm glad to be moving. I'm a Midwest girl, and I don't like living with miserably hot summers and mosquitoes. I haven't really enjoyed living in the middle of cotton and rice fields, because I'm used to beautiful trees and hills. All of my family likes outdoor beauty, and there just isn't much of that here. None of us feel at home, because it's a different culture and we don't have the opportunities for creativity that we want to have.
     Now don't get me wrong. There's definitely been good things about the two years we spent here. Dad got the opportunity to begin his dream job, teaching airplanes. Sam and I got to attend a small community college. We got to live in a lovely neighborhood, and it was really awesome to be friends with our next-door neighbors Jordan and Peyton. (We will miss them!!) So really there's good and bad things about every place you live. I'm sad to leave our neighborhood and our friends behind, but I'm really excited for what's ahead.

     One of the hard things about moving is the fact that you don't have the time or resources that you need to be creative. You can't bake, paint, sew, or create, and that's difficult for me. There's also a lot less to blog about, because let's face it . . . all I'm going to be doing these next few weeks is packing boxes and moving boxes. At some point I may take a week or two off of blogging, but we'll see. I'm also considering the possibility of switching blogs when I switch locations. I'd really like to have a new name and a new design, but I don't really want to change this one. Does that make sense? I don't know if I will switch or not, but it is a possibility. For now, I'm just taking everything as it comes.


Links (and waterfights)

     It's been ridiculously busy around here lately. Dad's been working on the stairway . . . Mom's been painting the kitchen green . . . Sam and I have been writing enormous research papers for internet classes. (curse you, music appreciation) But I thought I would stop in real quick and post some fun photos and awesome links. Who doesn't love sunshiny water fights and goofy dogs?
     Okay, links. First one: The Piano Guys. They're incredible. Second one: Rhett & Link. They're hilarious. Third link: my current favorite Pinterest board. I've discovered that I like white rooms and huge windows. I believe I inherited it from my mother.
      And unfortunately that is all. Pardon the briefness and cheesiness of this post. I must bid you farewell and go prepare my nerves for a five to ten minute presentation for music appreciation. Ughi-ness. See you around.


Dear Hair

Dear Hair,
Last night I applied an extremely large dollop of no-frizz gel to the top of my head, and yet you were still wisping about this morning when I looked in the mirror. What's up with that? Do you have something against no-frizz gel? I'd give you a liberal dose of hairspray, but too much hairspray makes my head hurt. Ah well, I suppose I shall just have to put up with my halo of frizz. I was resigned to it anyway. But still. You ought to cooperate sometimes.

Dear Bracelet,
I like the way you look next to my green dress. That is all.
<3 Lydia


Good Things

       This hasn't been my most favorite day. I've had quite a few extra chores lately, due to various circumstances. I've also had to buckle down and catch up with summer classes and clean up my room (which literally took hours!) I loved my vacation, but now I'm tired and exhausted, so it's been hard to avoid feeling low about the tough things that exist in regular life. Right now there's a lot happening for my family, and a lot of big things brewing. I'll tell you the details soon, but it isn't quite the right time to talk about it. It's enough to say that I'm a little bit excited, but mostly just overwhelmed.
     However. Now that I've said that whole mouthful, I must admit that today has actually failed at being a bad day. I keep accidentally noticing good things about it. For instance, I got four books in the mail. I just about died when I saw The Blue Castle. I have been looking for that book everywhere. It's the one L. M. Montgomery book that I haven't got to read yet (not counting one or two books of short stories.) I really, really can't wait to dig in. And there's been other good things too . . . 

Like jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon for breakfast . . .
And big, fat, homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Like caramel in the middle of my ice cream cone . . . 
And Taffy's five darling little kitties.
Like wonderful neighbors . . . 
And a dog who missed me and adores me.
Like parents who love and understand me . . .
And three brothers who are rather annoying but make my life extremely interesting. =)

So you see. Today really has failed at being a bad day. Because really. Come on. I can't dislike a day that brought me four books. It's impossible.


Visiting Aunt Carolyn

       Hi everyone =) I am back from my trip to St. Louis, and I had a lovely time! I feel like I've been a horrible blogger this summer, but I've just been extremely busy. Maybe things will slow down a little now that I'm home. St. Louis was ridiculously hot (well above a hundred degrees most days) so Aunt Carolyn and I went book shopping, ate good food, hung out at coffee shops, and watched lots of movies for the first few days. Thankfully, it did rain some towards the last part of my visit, so we did get to visit the zoo and the botanical gardens. We also went to the Muny to see Aladdin, which was a ton of fun. I never knew genies were so hilarious :)

My favorite day was definitely the one we spent at the zoo and the botanical gardens. For future reference (if you ever happen to be in St. Louis) the botanical gardens are complete amazingness and gorgeousness.

The current theme at the gardens revolves around Japanese lanterns and art. This is a dragon made entirely from string and china plates and cups. So. Cool.

tiled garden

the climatron

apple tree

hedge maze

My favorite part of the zoo was the underwater sea lion tunnel. It was awesome :) And of course, I loved the penguins and the elephants. Because penguins and elephants are always my favorites.

I'm also rather fond of flamingos.

And toucans :)
So yeah. It was a pretty good visit :) Carolyn brought me home yesterday, and she went home this morning. She was carrying a very large stack of books. It filled up two whole grocery bags. Aunt Carolyn is a very wise person who knows who to borrow books from :)



      I feel very lazy and lethargic. It's too hot to go outside, and I have a slight cold anyway. So I'm staying inside and thinking deep thoughts about craft projects and fried mashed potato rings. I'm still tired from lots of early mornings and late nights, so my creativity doesn't seem to be flowing well. But that's okay. Sometimes dreaming about food and craft projects is good enough. Although I don't know. My food board on Pinterest is making me reeeally hungry. 
     I'm going to St. Louis on Thursday to spend several days with my aunt. It should be lots of fun. After that, I'm really not sure what the summer has in store for me. I had kind of hoped for a few lazy days during which I could read lots of books and complete lots of projects. But we'll see. My life has a way of being different from what I expected. For now, I'm content to eat refrigerator pickles and wear my pajamas past lunchtime.


Senior Camp 2012

Kickapoo dorm photo

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

Hey everyone :) I'm back from an awesome week at Living Waters. It was completely packed with pottery making, outdoor games, horseback riding, nature programs, swimming, tubing, water-skiing, rock-climbing/ziplines, campfires, and wonderful music and speakers. I also got to spend a little time with my grandma, aunt, and uncle, which is always lots of fun :) At this point I'm pretty exhausted and ready to unwind a little. I'm going to get caught up on last week's internet happenings, and then I'm going to go unpack/clean my room. I'll talk to you all tomorrow :)

P.S. Currently listening to la poema. They came to camp on Friday night, and it was pretty awesome :)