Strawberry Fields Forever

     Remember that I said we picked strawberries on Memorial Day? We did. Twenty-two pounds of strawberries. We had seven people picking, and it only took us twenty or thirty minutes. Uncle Bob and Aunt Heather took half of the strawberries to the Morris house, where I believe they were turned into strawberry shortcake. We (my immediate family) had to go home that same day, and we took the other half with us. Unfortunately, they didn't fare too well. If you stick two sealed containers of strawberries in a hot, messy mini van with three boys and a cross sister, they don't exactly come out in pristine condition. But you can't throw that many strawberries away, can you? I mean, come on. You need a rescue plan. (Preferably one that involves strawberry shakes.)
See now? They're a little smashed, but they are still STRAWBERRIES! ;)
    Can you guess who was put in charge of saving the strawberries? Me! The first step involved scouring Pinterest for any recipes that had to do with old/pureed strawberries. I went through a ton of recipes and pins, and I finally decided on these three:

Mini Strawberry Pop Tarts (Scientifically Sweet)
Strawberry Lemonade Bars (Cosmo Cookie)
Strawberry Pops (MarthaStewart.com)

      I made the strawberry pops first. They're super, super easy (the only ingredients are strawberries and powdered sugar) and they were very flavorful and rich. They tasted like some kind of gourmet popsicle that costs three bucks. ;) They were also very filling, and some of us could barely finish ours. Which is weird because . . . have you ever had a popsicle that was filling?
     Next I made these poptarts. They were very intense and time-consuming, but they were amazing! I found myself really, really wishing that I had doubled or tripled the recipe, because I only got six poptarts out of all that work. I definitely would not do it again for only six poptarts, but I might do it again for a couple dozen.
     I was rather disappointed in the strawberry lemonade bars. As you can see, they did not exactly turn out beautifully. I think that there was too much filling. It was too gooey and flavorful, and you never got to taste the crust. It did taste like strawberry lemonade, but I'm not a huge fan of the flavor. I much prefer regular lemon bars.   
     Overall, the strawberry recipes were very sucessful and tasty. (And I got some new popsicle molds out of the bargain.) I'd also like to mention that strawberry puree is amazing. Yumm. I was tempted to drink it straight.
     Today (and tomorrow) we are having a joint garage sale with our neighbors. I woke up at 7:40 this morning (ick) looked out the window and saw that the whole street was lined with cars! Business is brisk, and fortunately, it rained last night and the temperature is almost chilly. That's good news, because it was horribly hot yesterday.

P.S. I've practically been breathing strawberries for several days straight, and I have a Beatles song stuck in my head. I don't think it's really talking about strawberries, but I can't quit mentally singing "Strawberry Fields Foreverrrrr!"


  1. I love this post! Popsicle anything will always be amazing. <3
    And strawberries are swell.
    The pop tarts look awesome, too! :D
    Keep writing!

  2. Oh YUM! So love these pictures. Especially the last one with the bowl of red puree and the whisk. Makes me want to eat strawberries...

  3. Wow, looks like you guys had a great time! I just love strawberries and everything looks so delicious :) xx

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment! These look delicious. Thanks for sharing!


  5. OOOO! I remember having those popsicles when our moms had the yardsale!:) We spent, oh I don't know, two hours playing hidden object games with Jason and Ben:) And I got to have one of those amazing popsicles!:)