In Between Adventures

     Today is a bit of a mad scramble. There's plants to be watered, summer classes to get caught up on, and bags to be packed. Tomorrow morning we're waking up early to drive to Wisconsin, with a quick stop in Illinois to drop off the dogs at Uncle David's, and also to pick up Grandma W.
       Our time in Missouri was quite lovely, but I entirely failed to take any pictures. (besides the one at the top of the post) I was too busy enjoying the moment =) I'm rather tired from late nights and the time I spent adventuring with Nonii and the boys, but it was totally worth it. I never regret staying up till three in the morning :) Well. I only momentarily regret it ;)
       So anyway. I had a grand time, walking up and down the riverbed, searching for bits of old pottery and glass with Nonii and the boys, swimming in the dark, antiquing, watching Psych and The Dick Van Dyke Show, having long conversations, and laughing my head off.
      Camp starts on Sunday! I will be back in about a week and a half. Until then, farewell to my blogging friends. Keep writing awesome stuff, and don't miss me too much because I'll be back with a vengeance.


  1. Lovely, I hope you enjoy your camp! xx

  2. Have a blast at camp!:) I will be leaving for camp soon too!