I'm so happy with my life.
It's beautiful.
I have two parents who are real, honest, and loving.
I have three brothers who are amazing individuals.
I have a beautiful space to be creative.
I have a home that is bursting with originality =)
And I feel like I am a strong person,
Because I am happy being me.
I feel like the hard things in my life have made me confident,
And they've shown me who I want to be.
I haven't arrived, because none of us fully "arrive"
But all the same, I think I am learning to be the person I was made to be. 

This isn't supposed to be gushy or sappy.
It's not like my life is perfect.
There's days when I feel like I'm a failure of a sister.
There's days when my face crumples because I'm lonely, and loneliness is awful. 
There's days when I feel empty and useless,
And days when I constantly complain.
It's stupid how I can complain about the smallest things in life.
But then I realize that all of the big things are going right.
My life is beautiful.
It's a real life, and it isn't very glamorous when I'm in the midst of it.
But I'm thankful for it.
I've got a good start.


  1. Lovely words, Lidja. Just lovely. <3 I enjoyed reading this very much. (:

    P.S Sometimes I feel like a failure of a sister too. (You're not alone)


  2. Oh...gulp. Such a great post. You have such a beautiful way of writing things, it's amazing. And it's good to be happy because you're you. That's one of the best kind of happinesses, eh?

  3. This is amazing. I love everything about this post xx

  4. I wish more people took the time to change their outlook on life to this kind of positive realism.

  5. That's a really good way to think! Not many people have a positive outlook on life.


  6. Umm... Yes, I've been absent. Like, HORRIDLY ABSENT!!!!! I've no excuses except my lack of brains and an overflowing of laziness. But I'm BACK!!!!!!

    Hello, dear, it's so good to see you again. Well, your writing at least, I can't really see your face. But your writing is rather like a old friend to me. Very comforting and very good! It's so nice to finally read someone who isn't going, be real, don't be perfect, but someone who is, "I'm still working, but I'm also happy," You don't know how refreshing your words are. ;)

    And well, please excuse any weirdness, I'm writing at 4 in the morning, because sometimes I just wake up, and decide it's time to go on the computer and write, so if my grammar is all out of wack, and my words are barely strung together, just laugh and say, "Rebekah is a crazy one alright." Then try not to think of my weirdness anymore, it might make you depressed. ;)

    Hahahaha...... Anyways, onto the love part.

    Rebekah (which is me... hehe)

    1. I MISSED YOU. That's all I have to say.