Happy Birthday to me!

1) Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast
2) Fauna & Family by Gerald Durrell
3) Birthday dress
4) Terrariums!
5) Enthusiastic decorating by Sam and Ben
6) Grilled shrimp, cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and strawberry soda

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. I spent a good portion of my morning and afternoon reading, and we also went swimming and planted our terrariums (more on that later.) In the evening we had a very yummy supper and a chocolate cake that almost collapsed but tasted like heaven. I got lots of marvelous gifts, including several books and craft supplies. As far as other news goes, I think I will use my birthday money for books. Also, I am really afraid of four way stops. Some guy pulled right in front of me when I was in the middle of my turn (and it was not my fault!) *Sigh* I can't really say that I love being "of driving age." I suppose that eventually it will be no big deal. Let's hope :p
P.S. Guess who?


  1. Awww... You look so cute in the picture, giving us kiss-y lips. ;)

    YOU NEVER TOLD ME yesterday was your birthday. I'm offended. ;) Happy Birthday, you wonderfully old person, may you keep blogging till you're 101. That sounds like you had a lovely day though, and yay! for using money for books. It's ALWAYS the best.

    Those Cinnamon Buns, make me oh so hungry! And I know how you feel about driving, even though I don't, I've had to sit in the back seat in four way stop confusions. There's always that one person who didn't come first who wants to be rude and go in front of you.


  2. Happy, happy birthday, Lidja! May God continue to bless you more on your journey with Him. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! (For yesterday!) :)

  4. Happy Birthday (again)!!! :D Sounds like it was a splendifirous day! (Yay for cinnamon rolls...we made some the other day and, yum, delicious.) And such a cute babyt picture too.

    So driving now, eh?! Trust me, it gets better. Just wait until you start overtaking people...ah-ha... :D

  5. Happy birthday....those cinnamon rolls look divine

  6. Happy birthday! And driving will get less scary, constant vigilance!:)

  7. Belated happy birthday, Lidja! :-)

  8. Happy Birthday! hope your day was AWESOME!!!!

  9. What an interesting birthday! What a blessing. :-D Those terrariums look SUPER COOL.

    BTW, I'm not going to get my license until I'm 18, because it's a pain. Don't feel so bad. xD

    Cheesy mashed potatoes forever!


  10. This is wonderful, Lidja! happy Belated Birthday :) that second picture is adorable, I hope you had a great day haha xx