Crazy June

      Our last trip to Illinois was a little bit unexpected. To make a long story short, my dad and uncle bought an airplane in Maine. Strangely enough, that's something that seems quite normal to me, so it's almost hard to explain. But I'll try.
     My Dad is an airplane guy: he flies them, he fixes them, he buys them, and he teaches airplane mechanics. He also teaches people to fly, and he's been giving my Uncle David flight lessons since last summer. Now that they're starting to think about summer flight lessons again, they've been looking for a small, cheap airplane that they can do some quick maintenance on. Which brings me to my original sentence: my dad and uncle bought an airplane in Maine. Originally, Dad was planning to fly it back, but due to several factors, they decided to haul it back home instead. Sam and Ben went along, but Mom, Jason, and I stayed in Illinois at Grandma W's house. 
     Our stay was pretty relaxed. Jason and I spent a lot of time in the hammock. We also spent a lot of time chasing Piper and Pookie across the countryside. They had the time of their lives. In addition, we did a lot of shopping. We did a little thrifting, a little birthday shopping (for yours truly), and quite a lot of swimsuit shopping. Ugh. I cannot describe how much I loathe swimsuit shopping. 
     Jason was incredibly disappointed because he had to stay home with the girls, so we tried to make it as fun as we could. In the end, he was quite spoiled. He watched movies, went out for ice cream (twice!) and went on a paddle-boat ride. He couldn't stop smiling on the boat ride. It was so adorable.
      June is going to be continually crazy. Now that we're home, we'll have a little break, but it's only one week until my birthday, and after that we'll be spending several days in Missouri, and Sam and I will be going to Bible camp in Wisconsin. I'm not sure how blogging will fit into all of that. I will definitely be completely severed from internet while I'm at camp, so I might be planning some scheduled posts or guest posts. But until then, I shall do my best to be my normal blogging self =) See you around!


  1. Jason is such a lucky kid, lol! I love the picture of the airplane apart and on the car!You sound busy, but it sounds like an adventure.

  2. So. Cool.

    Yeah, it sounds strange to me to buy an airplane...but infinately cool at the same time. :) In my family the most exciting thing we buy are houses (we move a lot). But sounds like such a fun summer. Again...so. cool. :D

  3. Love this post, looks like you had lots of fun! Quite an adventure you guys went through xx

  4. Sounds like you had a tonne of fun! And the picture, I just LOLed. I hope to see something as funny as that one day :)