The Adventure Has Begun

Hey all!
I just wanted to thank you for your belated birthday wishes. They totally made my day =)
We are currently in the Missouri Ozarks, which I more or less consider my real home. I am pretty happy to be in the hills again, and I intend to have a blast. Dad is helping out with aviation camp at CWW (Christian Wings for the World) and the rest of us are going to be visiting good friends and old haunts. I started my blog several months after we moved, so I might have to introduce you to several of them :)
As the picture and title state, the adventure has begun. Tonight we are staying with my great aunt and uncle, and tomorrow morning we'll be going to our old church. (Can't wait to see Noni!) I'm not exactly sure what the next few days have in store, but I do know that it will include lots of visiting with friends, and probably some hiking and antiquing. Next week Sam and I are headed to Bible camp in Wisconsin, and I am planning to visit my Aunt Carolyn in the beginning of July.
So yep! Adventure. It's just begun. :)


  1. you're utmost welcome, Lidja! And all of this sounds very exciting, I would love to see some pictures, your summer seems so productive already! xx

  2. Sounds very exciting!! I love the picture :)

    Gina X