Tutorial: Sharing Music on Your Blog (With Grooveshark)

 NOTE: This is a super long tutorial, so do me the favor of clicking the "read more" button, okay?

     I first found out about Grooveshark via an ordinary utopia. Previously, I had been using Playlist. The two websites are actually based on similar concepts, but it only took me a few minutes to decide that Grooveshark was far superior. For one thing, Grooveshark has a lot more music available, and in general the music is a lot higher quality. (You aren't as likely to run into songs that don't work or aren't recorded well.) It's also more aesthetically interesting and pleasant. Also (and this is the important part) Grooveshark offers a highly customizable music gadget that works beautifully. Curious? Let's talk about it =)

Part 1: Generating the Gadget
     Generating a code for your music gadget is very easy. First (obviously) you need to create a playlist or find the song that you want to share. To share a playlist, you need to go to the main page for that playlist and find the "Share" button. (It's highlighted in the clip below.)

     When you click on the "Share" button, a little window will pop up. You want to find the little green arrow icon in the bottom left-hand corner. (see below)

     When you click on the green arrow, several new options will pop up (Embed, Reddit, StumbleUpon) You want to click on "Embed."
     When you click on "Embed," another little window will come up. This is where the magic happens.
     See the swatches of black, grey, and white? They're pretty boring colors, but there's a remedy to that. By clicking on the little round rainbow balls (for lack of a better description), you can change the colors to your heart's content. As you can see, you can also change the width and the height. (One more tip: use the convenient "Preview" button to see what your widget will look like.)
     Once you've got your gadget fully customized and ready to go, simply copy the code and paste it into your sidebar (using the HTML/JavaScript gadget) If you're looking to share a single song, you just need to go to that song's main page and follow the same basic steps. But wait . . . you wanted to share your song/playlist on a page or in a post? That's pretty simple too. Continue on to Part 2. =)

Part 2: Embedding Music in a Page or Post
     Have you ever noticed the "Compose" and "HTML" buttons at the top of your posting page? (To tell the truth, it took a whole year for me to notice it.) When you're writing your post, the button is naturally switched on to "Compose." However, if you want to embed an HTML code into your post (or page), you need to switch over to HTML. 

     When you click on HTML, your post is going to turn into a bunch of gobbledygook. (I believe that it's mostly made up of your text and image URLs)

     Ignore the gobbledygook, unless you need it to figure out where you want your HTML. Assuming you want to put the song or playlist at the bottom of the post, you just go down a few lines by hitting "Enter" and you paste in your code. When you switch back to "Compose" your playlist should look like this (see below) A single song should look similar, only with a different shape.

     If you want to center the playlist, you just need to click on it and then switch the text alignment to "center." Simple and easy. When you publish your post or page, it will show up beautifully, exactly the way that you made it to be. (You can see my playlist page for an example.)


     So what do you think? Did you enjoy my little tutorial? (I did. Haha!) Let me know if you have any questions or any comments to add to this.
<3 Lydia

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