Tour the bookcases . . .

     Reading runs in the family. For us, bookcases are household essentials. They're almost as necessary as the refrigerator. The contents of our bookcases vary according to their location. In the schoolroom, we have a lovely built-in wall of bookcases. They contain encyclopedias, bird guides, textbooks, hymnbooks, coloring books, and lots of school books (especially Sonlight books) In the living room, we have a tall bookcase that almost reaches the ceiling. It contains literally hundreds of picture books, as well as several different book sets (including Jungle Doctor, Little House on the Prairie, and Winnie the Pooh)
     Proceeding upstairs, you'll find our personal bookcases. I have a decent sized bookcase that's jammed full of paperbacks, hardbacks, brand-new books, vintage books, and just plain old books. I'm not real picky. I have Agatha Christie mysteries, lots of classics that I intend to read some day, a couple of books from when I was little and most of my favorite books (I tend to collect my favorites)          The bookcase in Ben and Jason's room is full of everyone's favorite childhood books. The Happy Hollisters, The Boxcar Children, the Burgess books, B is for Betsy. The list could go on and on. As for Sam . . he's a very particular and selective book collector. Most of his books are in perfect condition and belong in a set. His most outstanding collections include Redwall, Artemis Fowl, The Chronicles of Narnia, Shel Silverstein poems, and the Peter and the Starcatchers series.
     Mom's bookcase doesn't contain a lot of fiction, so the books mostly reflect her interests. Lots of books on gardening, parenting/homeschooling, various Bible topics . . . I think she even has books about books! As for Dad, I'm not sure what he has except for a huge stack of P.G. Wodehouse books and a few Louis L'Amour books. =)

So what about you? What do your family's bookcases look like?


  1. Wow this is wonderful, my family has about three bookcases around the house, haha! Sadly, my mom and my brother doesn't like to read much xx

  2. Ummm, your dad has lots of books about what else???? Airplanes and building musical instruments, both of which he insists are related to each other, which makes me think of a pilot in a Pietenpol strumming a ukelele.... :)


  3. Mmm so jealous. :) Love it. <3


  4. Your family is awesome! In my family, only my mom and I are readers. (And our books are usually everywhere instead of in bookcases. Haha!)

  5. My bedroom is the house library. It used to be Cait's room, but things got switched around, and now I have a total of five bookshelves in my room. And that's not even all of them. And then we're always reading library books... Books are so brilliant. I love books.

  6. Book cases are the best... They add so much to a room.


  7. Hahahahaha, what irony! I just read a book that mentioned Wodehouse.

    -everyone stares-

    Ahem. Anyways.

    My bookcase is double-sided, meaning it has to stand out in the middle of my room. It's about six feet tall and looks like crates nailed together, various classics and mystery stories spilling off of the shelves.

  8. Wow, I think you just described our house (especially the bookshelves of sonlight books...) :D. We have bookshelves everywhere too! But (as mime said already) most of the bookshelves have been thrown into her room. And we colour coded them too! It looks soso good.
    Love this post! :)

  9. thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog :D

  10. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Now I want to see all of your bookcases! (hinthint) ;)