{These Days}

The beginning of summer. It's been awfully lovely so far.

Cherry pie. If we had cherry filling, I would make one right now, on the spot.

 My bedroom and my craft table. Re-doing my walls and bulletin board. Switching up my inspiration and creative space. 

Kind of lonely. Wishing that I had someone who would come sit on my bed and just talk for hours and hours. 

Ideal Bookshelf and 365 Lucky Days. Coolest. projects. ever. (no kidding)

To Frank Sinatra and Fernando Ortega while I clean my room.

The little boys didn't notice that I stole their CD player ;)


  1. That little corner in your room looks so lovely, I am loving that vintage telephone hanging on the wall!

    And I can relate to everything in this post! Haha I just love the feeling of summer, and those projects are amazing! xx

  2. Such an organized little nook! :) Very cool!! And love your post...but feeling lonely?! Oh not good! I know exactly how you feel, but at the moment I have an old friend over (that I haven't seen for years) and I'm getting that "talking and talking for hours" done. :)

    PS Cherry pie sounds good... ;)

  3. Leave the idea of the post, you have summer already?

    1. Well, it's not "technically" summer yet. But I finished school last week, so yes it's summer vacation for me ^_^

  4. you have summer now!!!! We need to get you to come visit me!