Their tops are made of rubber, their bottoms are made of springs.

    I do not have anything particularly poetic to say. So instead, I am going to inform you (rather belatedly) that I did a guest post at Bella Ragazza today. I'd also like to tell you about two things: the toad story, and my-freaking-out-happy-news. Ready? Okay.

     Happy news first: I got a laptop! Yay! That's pretty exciting for me, as I'm sure you all know (seeing as I've complained about my state of non-laptopness for several weeks now.) Also, this is definitely an upgrade, partly because it's a way better computer, and also because I get to use the internet on it (with certain rules, of course) so I get to do cool stuff like blogging on it. And also . . . er, school. Yay. Real enthusiastic about that. Seriously though, it will be way better than having epic Sam-Lydia battles over who needs the computer most desperately. Haha.

      And now the toad story: A few nights ago, Sam and I were feeding the dogs. The dog food is kept in a metal trash bin next to the garage, so I went through the backyard gate which leads to the driveway. Sam, however, decided to go through the garage door. I arrived at the trash can at the exact moment that he ducked under the half-open garage door. I took a step towards the metal can, and my foot hit something huge and squishy, and it flew in the air. I squealed, of course, and then I started giggling hysterically. The toad (of course it was a toad, can't you read titles?) flew right under Sam's face, and he screamed (which is rare) and I kept on giggling hysterically. Anyway. It was pretty hilarious, because I kicked a toad across the driveway and Sam screamed.

     Later on in the evening, another dog-related story occurred, but it's quite elaborate. So I'll save it for later. I should probably attend to my kitchen chores now. I kind of skipped them, because Dad, Ben, Jason and I drove to the store to get my laptop. Correction: I drove to the store. It was freaky. But oh well. Growing up is kind of fun and scary at the same time.

P.S. No photo for this post. I am disappointed in myself, but it can't be helped.
P.P.S. I am going to camp out on the trampoline tonight with the boys. I don't know how they convinced me. I totally reserve the right to go back to my own bed whenever I choose. 
P.P.P.S. I have no explanation for the title. I've just had the tigger song in my head for a few days now. Anyway, it actually seems appropriate, considering what I'm doing tonight.


  1. Yay for the happy news! I so love my computer (and the internet!) even it if is a slow-old thing.

    Laugh to the toad story... :)

    And I loved your guest-post. So sweet!!

  2. I'd say don't freeze out there on the trampoline, but then I remembered you're coming into summer. Lucky! It's icy cold here.

    My brother used to play golf with toads and his golf stick. Entertaining, but rather gross. ;) Very funny post!