Snippet of a Story

    “I feel like a dead waffle.” Shannon wasn’t listening. She was performing a weird little tap-dance on the curb. “I feel,” I said, my voice rising in pitch, “like a murdered waffle!” Shannon’s feet stopped moving; she teetered dangerously on the curb, and blinked at me from underneath her bangs.
    “Waffles,” she pronounced, “cannot die. Things that are not living cannot die, because they never lived. In order to die you have to live.”
    “So?” I howled, “It’s a metaphor! And I just so happen to metaphorically feel like a dead waffle.”
    “Murdered waffle.” Shannon grinned at me. “You said murdered waffle.” She sat down abruptly on the curb, and her knees collided awkwardly with her chin.

    And that, dear readers, is a sample of my "creative writing." Actually, it's the sort of thing that I write to amuse my little brothers. They thought this one was particularly hilarious, especially when I told them that it was supposed to be a caricature of me and Sam. (Hm. Guess which one was me?)
     Anyway. I'll probably be annoyed with myself for posting this later on. But I feel singularly un-creative right now, so I was obliged to dig up something embarrassing from my old files.
     I also needed to point out that I re-did the design (again). And I love it. It's definitely staying. The other design looked nice, but I didn't love it (or even like it that much). I also have a new blog button to match. It's lovely too. And . . .  erm . . . that's all I have to say. So . . . Toodles!


  1. i *love* that!! you should never be annoyed at yourself for writing something so awesome. seriously, i wish i could write like that.
    you need to write a book, i would read it, because it would be amazing!! <3

  2. Reaction when I saw this post on my blog feed:

    I read a lot of stuff, and THAT is freaking awesome/unique/funny.


    Where can I buy it?


    Anywho, I've been reading lame-o book plots on Goodreads all day, so that was quite refreshing. A scene with waffles is a scene in the right direction!

    Sorry for nerding out there. Didn't mean to scare you with my enthusiasm.

    Keep up the good work,


  3. oh my, your creative writing is so lovely! You should definitely post more of these short stories, and your new layout is amazing, too xx


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  5. Did I comment? I didn't comment?! I can't believe I didn't? I can remember myself writing it. Ugh, stupid self. *hits self across the top of the head*

    This is AWESOME!!!! I'm serious. I want more. Your writing is so humorous and lovely. I love it!!!! (I know, redundancy). “I feel like a dead waffle.” Umm.... serious awesomeness! Augh!!! More please!


    P.S. I definitely love the new look! it's great. splendid. brilliant.

    1. Lol. That's okay, I think some other people have had some trouble commenting for some reason :p Thanks for trying again =)
      And thank you, I really like the new design too =)