Of course I'm gorgeous. Now quit taking pictures of me. You're boring me excessively.
     I'm fighting the internet. Today I made a list of things that I need/want to do, and I'm checking them off as I go. Nothing gives such an instant sense of accomplishment as checking something off a list. At the moment, it's right about two o'clock and this is what I've checked off . . .

Ate breakfast/made bed (yes, both of those are accomplishments)
Walked the dog
Read a chapter of the Bible
Read 50+ pages of Villette (Charlotte Bronte)
Did some bedroom cleanup & organizing
Made potato soup for lunch
Finished up laundry (still a work in progress :p)

I still have to . . .
Bake something sweet (yum)
Write a letter back to Grandma
Switch out some dress buttons
Take some self-portraits (ugh. I hate profile pics)
Get out guitar for at least ten minutes
Clean the kitchen

Now we shall see which of those happen (!)

      We all got letters from Aunt Carolyn today. She's a good letter writer :) And right now? Technically I'm doing laundry. But mostly I'm pestering Taffy with a camera, and making sure that she doesn't sit on my clean laundry. Oh. And I'm on the internet :-/ Yeah. Okay, back to being responsible. Internet, I refuse to fall into your endless black hole. I will use you, not the other way around (ahem) ;)


  1. i miss you. and your blog. <3
    and lists are holy. seriously.

  2. that cat is adorable, haha! and your checklist is lovely :) xx