Memorial Day Vacation

Jason/Piper and Pookie/The Avengers/Brunch/Bonfire/Strawberries
     We had a lovely Memorial Day vacation. We got to spend a lot of time with both sides of the family, and we got to see our cousins and most of our Morris aunts and uncles. A huge outline of our trip would probably be tedious, so I'll just make a list of the highlights . . .

  • The Morris girls went out for brunch at a little cafe in downtown Delavan.
  • Sam and I went to see The Avengers with Mom, Dad, and our aunts and uncles.
  • We had shrimp and crab rangoon for dinner on Saturday night.
  • Our wonderful friends the Smiths spent the evening with us at Grandma and Grandpa's, and we had a huge bonfire.
  • We went to church with both sides of the family, and had barbecue for lunch. 
  • On Sunday we had dinner with Grandma W. and Uncle Paul, and we got to meet Uncle Paul's girlfriend.
  • We (Sam, Ben, and I) went strawberry-picking earlier today with Uncle Bob, Aunt Heather, Aunt Carolyn and Grandma M.

     So yes. It was lovely. We woke up early and sat around Grandma's kitchen table. We took the dogs on long walks around Grandma's farm.We played with our adorable cousins. We had delicious meals at Grandma M's house. We lay in the grass and looked at the stars and had wonderful conversations with our friends. It was good. And now? I think I shall crash ;)

Photo inspiration from Life in the 852 and Tease Your Toes.
Source for The Avengers photo can be found here.


  1. glad you had fun!! :D
    i miss you guys. really bad. i'm trying to get mom to take a visit to see y'all. SOON. ;)

  2. Wow sounds like heaps of fun! The pictures are really nice too. And the strawberry-picking-part sounded really fun (and yummy!) too. But I'll be selfish and say I missed your posts while you were gone! :P

    PS I saw the Avengers too...and wow, so loved it! Such a great movie, isn't it? :D

  3. That's awesome! By the way, I awarded you! :) Check it out here: http://footprintsonthe-moon.blogspot.com/2012/05/from-kreativ-blogger.html

  4. This is great :) You guys seemed like you had lots of fun! xx